Baylee Curran, Chris Brown's Accuser, Has a Sordid History of Her Own

Credibility is everything in a case relying almost exclusively on eyewitness testimony, and Baylee Curran’s accusation that R&B singer Chris Brown assaulted her with a gun in the wee hours of August 30th is such a case. Curran made the entertainment media rounds almost immediately after filing a report with the Los Angeles Police Department. If it was publicity she was after, she now has more than she bargained for.

One of the first skeletons to emerge from Curran’s closet was that she was stripped of her title as Miss California Regional 2016 back in July “due to breach of contract,” according to the pageant’s statement. A report of a “racy” photo was merely one of the reasons she was dethroned, and her reaction has been less than regal. The organization’s claim, that “Baylee Curran has been asked numerous times to return her crown/sash which she has refused to do,” contradicts Curran’s own statement that she “doesn’t recall being asked to return them.”

So whom do we believe?

Well, the closet isn’t empty yet. Curran still has a restraining order against her from an incident that occurred nearly three years ago. Back in October of 2013, Curran and a friend (now former friend), Rachel Getachew, took a trip to New York City with another girlfriend, Julia Parle. After a visit to a spa, which is supposed to relax you, Parle and Getachew got into a physical altercation which sent Getachew to the hospital with a head injury.

Getachew, understandably, switched hotel rooms to avoid being near Parle, but Getachew alleges that two days later Parle and Curran entered her room, assaulted her, and robbed her of $2,000. Upon their return to Los Angeles, Curran apparently had a motive to stalk Getachew because, according to Getachew, Curran was trying to steal her ID to commit further theft. Fearing for her life, primarily due to Curran still possessing a key to Getachew’s apartment, the restraining order was filed and granted (it expires on November 19th of this year).

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The drama doesn’t end there. There’s more evidence of Curran’s propensity for violent companions, or at least claiming that they are violent.

About a month before the NYC incident, Curran claims she was physically assaulted by her former male roommate, hip-hop dancer Princeton Roseborough. She also alleges that he was a drug-using, thieving vandal who threatened to hire a hitman to hurt her. Curran filed for, and was granted, a temporary restraining order against Roseborough, but she never showed up in court to testify against him.

The case against Roseborough was ultimately dropped due to a lack of evidence that Curran was ever actually harmed; the injury Curran claimed she sustained to her wrist was due to Roseborough deflecting Curran’s attempt to strike his girlfriend.