Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—A Commie, Is a Commie, Is a Commie...

(Image: mintchipdesigns via Pixabay)
No Point In Pretending

Anyone who has read more than ten columns of mine is probably aware that I am given to using the word “commie” a lot. Over the years, many have assumed I do it because I’m a blowhard who likes to push people’s buttons.


Wait, I am a blowhard who likes to push people’s buttons, but that’s not why I call people commies.

I call people commies when they’re commies.


If ever there was a word that needed to be tossed around more these days it’s commies. Or communism. America has a commie problem, and one of the things modern commies are very adept at is employing a variety of euphemisms to cover for the fact that there is a communist revolution being attempted in the United States right now. As I’ve written many times before, leftists are great at playing the political long game, so they’ve been at this for a while. Just a few years ago they were still being so coy that they wouldn’t even cop to being socialists because of the stigma attached to it. Now, they have no problem doing that because they’ve already moved onto the next step in the evolution of socialism, which is full-on communism.

The biggest commie move being made in the U.S. right now is the attempt to tie the teaching of the thoroughly commie critical race theory to the reception of federal money for public education. Kimberly Hermann wrote that guest column for us. She is the general counsel for the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which is battling the onslaught of critical race theory initiatives. She’ll be the guest on my next Kruiser Kabana podcast episode (#120) and we spent a lot of time talking about this.

If you’re wondering how long leftists have been controlling narratives in this country, they managed to thoroughly discredit Joe McCarthy for calling out communists. If today’s school kids learn anything about him, it’s that he was a mean drunk who hurt people’s feelings.

He was also right, but wasn’t vindicated until almost 40 years after his death, when the Venona files were finally released to the public.

So let’s not hesitate to call the commies commies. “Workers,” critical race theorists, and anyone who thinks Bernie Sanders makes sense are commies. Anyone marching in a May Day parade: commie. The National Basketball Association: commie enablers.

They’re everywhere, kids. Watch your backs, your wallets, and your freedoms.