The Morning Briefing: Maybe 'Peace' Means Something Completely Different to the Nobel Prize Folks

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The Norwegian Nobel Committee Seems Concussed

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. People need to stop pretending that The Da Vinci Code was a good book.

I’m coasting along through a serious extended bout of sleeplessness that has, of course, run concurrently with the regime change here in the good old U.S. I don’t think the new administration is deliberately trying to kill me, but I know they want me off my game. I’ve got two new neighbors who haven’t taken off their masks yet. They look a bit young to be NSA but I wouldn’t be surprised to get a knock at the door and find the gulag escort van waiting.

Until then, in the immortal words of Al Sharpton, resist we much.

It would be nice to sleep through a lot of what is going on right now. I truly envy those who can check out of reality for six or eight hours a day. I’ve heard wonderful things about sleep, I’ve just never been able to do much of it.

Maybe I should subscribe to HBO again and let some of their original shows bore me to sleep.

Things are getting a little weird over in Europe with the Norwegian Nobel Committee that decides on who gets the Peace Prize every year. Yeah, the prize became a completely joke when it was given to Barack Obama for doing absolutely nothing. It wasn’t clear whether the bar would be kept that low forever but it looks like we’ve got our answer here in the Year of Our Weirdness, 2021. We should have known that The Lightbringer’s taint wouldn’t be that easy to wash away.

It started to get ridiculous last week when Black Lives Matter was brought into the faux Peace Prize lunacy, which Matt wrote about:

You read that correctly. I assure you this is not a satire piece from the Babylon Bee… except it was… last year.

In August of last year, the Babylon Bee published a prophetic article titled, “BLM Rioters Awarded Nobel Peace Prize.” It was hilarious. We laughed. How absurd! Obviously, it was too absurd to be taken seriously.

Except now it’s come true. For real. No joke.

And it’s no longer funny.

The Black Lives Matter movement, which is quite literally responsible for dozens of deaths and billions in property damage, has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

It really can’t be funny anymore once it becomes true.

The Black Lives Matter movement was nominated by Norwegian MP Petter Eide, who credits the movement with forcing countries outside of the United States to address racism within their own societies. Or something.

Black Lives Matter is an anti-law-enforcement domestic terrorist organization and nothing more. You know that. I know that. Something seems to have gotten lost in the translation to Norwegian, however.

The Nobel situation took another odd turn yesterday with the nomination of the Democrats’ current participation trophy superstar, Stacey Abrams, which our very own Stacey wrote about:

Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her activism around voting rights by Norwegian lawmaker Lars Haltbrekken.  As many Georgians will tell you, her work in this area has decreased confidence in our election process. Just look at the nationwide doubts following the 2020 election. Abrams has maintained a narrative that there is systemic voter suppression in the state, specifically of minorities. No data backs this up, but she has still never conceded defeat in her 2018 race against Governor Brian Kemp.

She has been rewarded for this refusal by the Democrat Party and the media, reinforcing her assertion. She has also raised funds and gained national prominence as a result of her false claims.

Some incredibly mediocre cream has been rising near the top in the Democratic Party these past ten or so years. It started with Wendy Davis in Texas, who got famous for talking a lot, then losing two elections to Republicans.

The Lone Star State followed that up by foisting Beto O’Rourke on us. He remained an unavoidable media darling despite losing a Senate election to Ted Cruz and not even making it to the first primary when he ran for president. They’re still talking about him. He’s never going to win anything again but the MSM will never shut up about him.

Abrams is a special sort of awful. She’s been lying for over two years about her loss to Brian Kemp. The media praises her for it. If you question election results over on this side of the aisle you get banned on social media, accused of spreading disinformation, and called a threat to democracy.

If you’re a lib you get nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

You can just tell that Abrams will probably keep this folk hero status for a while. She’s the Hero of Georgia for the Dems. They credit her with their success there last year. All she has to do is hang around and pretend that she’s the real governor and the press will continue swooning. Let’s face it, all any Democrat has to do these days is continue griping about President Trump to keep favored status in the party. Expect a few more Vanity Fair covers extolling the genius of Stacey Abrams, after she’s done more of nothing, when she loses out on her Nobel to a bunch looter thugs.

Everything is fine.


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