The Morning Briefing: Everyone But Kamala Harris Is Hoping Biden Stays Healthy

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Let’s All Light the Biden Health Candle 

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The lemon-blueberry muffins will be ready shortly.

I don’t know about any of you, but I had a great time yesterday. It’s amazing what some extended quality time away from the television and the infernal internet can do for one’s spirits.

Also, I got rid of about ten pounds of hair.

We appear to have made it through yesterday and we’re all just fine. For the moment. Now that it’s here, we have to figure out how we’re going to weather the Harris-Biden administration with Joe Biden as president. Priority One: making sure that Joe Biden stays healthy.

We’ve joked for a long time about maybe doing office pools to pick the date that Kamala would officially become president. I originally didn’t think that Joe would make it to the beginning of March. I’m revising that opinion now.

We were all convinced that the grand Democratic plan was to just get Ol’ Gropes into office, then manufacture some sort of COVID-related event that would make him step aside for health reasons. As I have repeatedly warned, it’s Doctor Jill everyone has to worry about. I think even the Dem higher-ups underestimated her. She’s probably pumping Joe with enough supplements and healthy food to keep him around as the prop president a lot longer than anyone planned. She’s definitely trying to ruin the plans of the Dem Illuminati and the ambitions of the new vice-president.

Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Yeah, as we saw on his first day, Puppet President Joe can do a lot of damage to the United States in a very short time.  We’ll be dizzy from executive orders before the weekend gets here.

The Democrats, however, are the “be careful what you wish for” party. Whenever the Democrat sane people like us think we want gone finally is, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that his or her replacement will be even worse. Seriously, those people have a never-ending supply of awful gushing forth from wherever they’re spawned.

California is about to find that out the hard way with Kamala Harris’s replacement in the Senate, Alex Padilla. The slate of Democrats that Gavin Newsom was considering to serve out her term was a real rogue’s gallery of progressivism. The choices were worse, more worse, and worst.

Kamala Harris is obviously being groomed by the media to soon take over for Biden. She’s gone from being the woman even the Democrats couldn’t stand during the primaries to one that the MSM can’t stop fawning over. The repacking of Joe Biden has been bad enough, but the PR work they’re doing for Harris will have you avoiding all news before and after mealtimes.

For example:

She wears pants like every corporate woman in America. And sneakers, which a lot of those women also do when walking to their chosen mode of transportation for the trip home from work. But now it’s a “style.”

No, it’s just pants.

By the way, that’s from the New York Post, a news organization that usually doesn’t get all Trapper-Keeper-school-girl-gushy over Democrats. Imagine four years of that from the other New York paper.

I don’t want to die soon, but I honestly don’t think that my liver can survive a nasally Harris presidency. I know I’ve been writing that I’m not in much of a unity mood but I think I’ve found something a lot of us can get behind: hoping and praying that President Biden stays healthy.

Try keto, Joe. It’s a life-changer.

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