Joe Biden's Peloton, Brain, and Other Media Lies

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Stop With the Biden Peloton Nonsense

These people.

There’s been a lot of joking — OK some of it was serious — by conservatives and Republicans about the fact that the mainstream media was going to have a long vacation once Joe Biden became president. I have not agreed with that at all.

Ya see kids, the media hacks are going to have to put in a lot of overtime to — as the wokesters like to say — “normalize” Joe Biden. The MSM Democratic water-carriers are faced with the herculean task of creating and sustaining a narrative that claims that the new leader of the free world is both mentally competent and as vigorous as any man half his age. In other words, they are going to be telling you that your eyes have been lying to you for the past year and a half.

They got a head start, as we all know. During Joe’s basement campaign with Mama Doctor Jill they routinely worked hard to pick out and share the seven words Joe managed to not mangle in every video while ignoring the fact that English is no longer his first language.

I’m sure that there will be no shortage of people who think I’m awful for discussing and mocking Biden’s mental decline. I make no apologies. I didn’t put that on display for the world to see, his ambitious shrew of a wife did. There’s also the fact that I’ve never liked him and am on record in the past saying that I thought the goofiness of his that people found so endearing was really a sign that he wasn’t all mentally there.

I knew that the Democrat flying monkeys in the MSM were going to be wearisome about the water-carrying, I was merely hoping that they’d pretend they were experiencing some sort of inauguration euphoria and wait a week or two.

No such luck.

I saw this on Twitter on Tuesday and I believe I actually groaned out loud:

Kudos to the Times for attempting to get back to its formerly coy biased ways for Gropey Joe. The paper spent the Trump years sitting in its diapers and soiling itself with rage-filled bias.

This article pretends to be about national security but its real intent is to say, “See! He works out!” and allay any fears that he might be the fragile old man we’ve been seeing on television. President Peloton here is the guy who needed a nap halfway through a campaign town hall event where all he had to do was field softball questions.

But he can handle a Peloton workout or something.

Look, I’m not saying that the Biden family doesn’t own a Peloton, I’m saying that Joe hasn’t seen much of it and probably thinks it’s a horse with wings if anyone mentions it to him.

Here was the biggest Inauguration Day PR schlep by the media hacks:

This guy spent almost half a century in Washington and no one in the media ever talked about his childhood stutter. It didn’t become a necessary part of the Biden origin story until this last campaign when it was painfully obvious that the old boy wasn’t using his words very well anymore. In the “curiouser and curiouser” department, this tweet was sent out to coincide with Biden’s inaugural speech.

Yeah, they knew that it was going to be the squinting, barely-able-to-follow-along-with-the-‘prompter affair that it was.

There is absolutely nothing in all of Joe Biden’s years in the public eye to indicate that he is a deep thinker or the least bit thoughtful. In fact, before last year, he was known for being just as likely to “shoot from the lip” as President Trump is. Remember, Biden’s most memorable moment in his eight years as vice-president was dropping an f-bomb on a hot mic.

Joe Biden is not choosing his “words with extraordinary restraint.” He’s slowly reading words that other people have chosen for him.

Another thing I’ve been writing about a lot lately is that virtually everyone involved in propping up this sham of an administration is going to be overreaching to do so. That’s what the Times is doing here. Attempting to repackage Biden as thoughtful redefines “stretch.” As the MSM’s boy Joe likes to say, “Come on, man!”

Sadly, I will be able to write this column hundreds, if not thousands, of times, depending on how long Biden lasts in office. The details will vary, but the outrageous overkill will remain the same.

I won’t do that, of course. I’m sure that Joe’s own restrained words will give me plenty of other material.


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