The Morning Briefing: Are We Ready for the Hell of a COVID-19 Days of Christmas?

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On the First Day of Christmas, My COVID Gave to Me…

Happy end of the Ninth Month of March, 2020, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I hope your holiday weekend had some holiday-ish qualities to it.

Let’s keep it in a holiday vein as we kick off the week.

Yesterday was the First Day of Advent, and I spent a lot of time thinking about Christmas and how this God awful Chinese Bat Flu is going to interfere with that. There are new lockdowns and curfews being imposed all over the country as we head into what is generally one of the most festive times of the year. Most are planned to end just before Christmas, but I think we all know how that’s going to play out.

They wanted us miserable for Thanksgiving, that was plain to see. My friend and RedState colleague Kira Davis was filling in for my friend John Phillips on KABC radio in Los Angeles last Friday and I had the pleasure of joining her on the show for a few minutes. She said that she had CNN on in the studio and they were going on and on about people being depressed for Thanksgiving. I laughed because I had just read the same thing in The Washington Post.

As always, the mainstream media monsters had their narrative talking points well coordinated.

Everyone I know managed to enjoy Thanksgiving even if we had to make some COVID adjustments.

Christmas is a bigger deal for most of us, however. Thanksgiving is about celebrating America, which liberals hate. Christmas is about religion, which liberals hate even more. That’s why everybody’s least favorite elf on a shelf made sure he got in front of a camera on Sunday to let everyone know he’s going to try and crap all over that:

I am beyond over Fauci. As Stacey demonstrated in this post yesterday, he’s really more about politics than “SCIENCE!” or medicine. There is absolutely no reason to trust anything this guy says.

They’re going to come after Christmas hard this year, both because they want everyone to be miserable and because they don’t like people of faith. The newest lockdowns and curfews really interfere with Hanukkah this year. And since the tyrannical COVID commies are generally anti-happiness, even you atheists who just celebrate holiday time off are going to be targeted.

Misery is the currency of modern American progressives. Not surprisingly, they love spreading a wealth of it. They will no doubt want to double down on it while they’re waiting around to see if Drooling Joe makes it to Inauguration Day.

I’m going to write a column this week about some Advent resolutions. Advent is the beginning of the Church’s liturgical year. It’s a good time for some new beginnings.

Maybe the beginning of a new resistance.

We’re gonna have fun. I promise.

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