Purportedly Evil Empire Amazon Adds Whopping 427K Jobs During Pandemic

Purportedly Evil Empire Amazon Adds Whopping 427K Jobs During Pandemic
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Amazon, FTW

Amazon, the monumental success that anti-capitalism commies like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez love to hate, is performing a pandemic miracle: creating a stunning number of new jobs during a crisis that has otherwise destroyed the global economy.

The New York Times:

SEATTLE — Amazon has embarked on an extraordinary hiring binge this year, vacuuming up an average of 1,400 new workers a day and solidifying its power as online shopping becomes more entrenched in the coronavirus pandemic.

The hiring has taken place at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, at its hundreds of warehouses in rural communities and suburbs, and in countries such as India and Italy. Amazon added 427,300 employees between January and October, pushing its work force to more than 1.2 million people globally, up more than 50 percent from a year ago. Its number of workers now approaches the entire population of Dallas.

The spree has accelerated since the onset of the pandemic, which has turbocharged Amazon’s business and made it a winner of the crisis. Starting in July, the company brought on about 350,000 employees, or 2,800 a day. Most have been warehouse workers, but Amazon has also hired software engineers and hardware specialists to power enterprises such as cloud computing, streaming entertainment and devices, which have boomed in the pandemic.

At a time when the livelihoods of so many people are being crushed by petty tyrants who are using COVID-19 as an excuse to abuse power, this should be good news. Sadly, we live during a time when everyone to the left of the political center is utterly insane:

In the liberal telling of the story, Amazon is running sweatshops filled with indentured servants at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Every time there is an isolated case of a disgruntled former Amazon employee complaining about something like having to work, the media treats the story as if it were representative of the experience of all Amazon employees. It’s one of those tortured logic things that the mainstream media uses so effectively because leftists have been trained to be an unthinking, uncritical hivemind.

A reality-based human being understands that a company that employs over a million people is going to have some whiners.

As if to remove any doubt that Amazon is on the right side of things, climate brat Greta Thunberg shared this tweet from the deep end of the spectrum:

It’s really sound policy to take the opposite side of this little loon.

Progressives are resentful of success because, for the most part, they are uninspired dullards. That’s why they seek to destroy “the wealthy.” They’ll tell you they can’t compete because the game is rigged. In reality, they merely lack the drive and talent necessary, so they want to drag everyone down to their level.

The fact that Amazon is positioned to provide a valuable service during the pandemic, employing staggering numbers of people as a result, is a good to be celebrated.

Now I’m off to check the Black Friday deals on Amazon.

I’m helping to create jobs, people.

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