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Democrats Are Finally Dissecting Their Overall Awful 2020 Election Performance

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Democrats’ Down-Ballot Woes

When is a win not really a win?

When the winners had gotten way ahead of themselves with expectations.

The Democrats have been reveling in Joe Biden’s seeming victory (which is now up to 647 kajillion votes from the Magic Biden Ballot Machine, I believe) for a few weeks now, but not being very honest with themselves about how the rest of the election went.

We were supposed to see what the Democrats were calling a “Blue Wave” that washed over the land and gave them a hammerlock on both the Executive and Legislative branches. They had hashtags and emojis and Alyssa Milano, so it certainly seemed like a sure thing.

The Blue Wave ended up being more like a slight toilet overflow. The Democrats’ thievery in the presidential race seems to have worked out for them. Depending on how things work out in Georgia, their best hope for the Senate is a 50-50 split, which is hardly the steamroll takeover they’d promised. The House races were a relative nightmare for them. Democrats fully expected to strengthen their majority there. Instead, the Republicans picked up fourteen seats.

The denial the party was in about the Blue Wave being a Blue Trickle seems to be wearing off, and some Democratic operatives are beginning to do critical post-mortem assessments of the election and they are not liking what they find.

NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Heading into the election, Democrats dreamed it would go something like “Star Wars,” with rebel forces blowing up the Death Star and celebrating in the streets as a blue wave swept them into power in Washington and state capitals.

But President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory ended up looking more like the horror movie “Alien,” with the last bedraggled survivor kicking the monster out of the airlock and then drifting off to an uncertain fate in deep, dark space. And wherever they ended up, there would probably be another alien.

Yes, Biden soundly defeated President Donald Trump — and there was even some partying in the streets — but the results were brutal down the ballot in ways that could haunt Democrats for years.

The party fumbled key Senate races, lost ground in the House and failed to capture state legislatures in a redistricting year despite having the political winds at its back, more money in its bank account and a hyper-activated grassroots movement that had spent four years preparing for this moment.

If this wasn’t the year for Democrats to win big, then when?

Yes, when?

The complete absence of Joe Biden’s coattails is forcing the usually delusional Democrats to get perilously close to the truth during this self-examination. Whether the activists speaking the truth will be listened to by the Elders of the Village in the Democratic Party remains to be seen. It should also be noted that those elders are very elderly and may not be amenable to alterations in a narrative they’ve been crafting regarding themselves for decades.

Some more hard truth:

Some worry that the party, once rooted in the working class but now run and funded largely by college-educated liberals, may be losing its touch with blue-collar voters of all races outside major metro areas.

“We’re such a Beltway party that we can’t even fathom that there are a lot of Mexicans in the [Rio Grande] Valley who love Donald Trump,” said Chuck Rocha, a Texas-raised Democratic strategist who runs Nuestro PAC, a super PAC focused on Latino outreach. “Biden won, and that’s great, but everything underneath Biden was a huge catastrophe.”

The Democratic Party has been gleefully refashioning itself as a coastal elite party for quite a while now. They traded blue-collar workers in the heartland for celebrities. Who needs to worry about jobs in Ohio when you’re partying with Beyoncé, right?

They didn’t get anything about why Donald Trump won in 2016, then they spent four years making up lies about why it happened because those lies allowed them to remain in their coastal bubbles and not get any hard glimpses at reality.

Their sense of entitlement from 2016 never went away, and they think that they’ve been somewhat vindicated by the apparent Biden victory. That victory is illusory, however. It took four years of the mainstream media being more corrupt than ever before combined with an election year global pandemic and a healthy dose of voter…irregularities to bring about this result. It really didn’t have anything to do with the Democrats and their ideas being wildly popular.

Because they aren’t.

Democrats are so blinded by their hatred for President Trump that they are unlikely to learn anything from this election. Sure, they’ll pay a little lip service to a few things, hoping to dupe a few folks in the hinterlands.

Then they’ll call Beyoncé again.

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