Dear Lefties: Keep Your Grubby Mandates Off My Holidays

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Baste This, Commies

There is much ado about Thanksgiving this year, what with every elected Democrat in America out to prove that he or she can be even more tyrannical than previously thought. I’m writing this not too long after California Gov. Gavin Newsom-Stalin issued a new stay-at-home order for the denizens of his gulag.

While I am generally skeptical of most motives, the Dems have permanently moved me over to cynical. As I explained in my Thursday Morning Briefing, I don’t think any of this really has to do with public health and safety:

Democrats have long been working on eroding the nuclear family, so it’s easy to see that the crackdown on Thanksgiving really doesn’t have that much to do with COVID-19. This obviously tees up a shot at Christmas for them too. This virus has been a wonderful excuse for leftists to go after a variety of things, like the Trump economy, happy families, and religion.

Because everything has to involve an ever-widening partisan divide in this country now, there is no grey (yeah, I still like to spell it that way) area whatsoever when it comes to discussions about how to proceed through these pandemic times.

We are seeing a perfect snapshot of the inherent motivations of the two main sides of the American political aisle here.

The leftists believe that nothing good can ever be accomplished without frequent and onerous government intervention. They’re begging for more of it every day now and it’s really disturbing to watch.

On the Right, we are fond of personal responsibility.

Most of my friends here are conservative. Arizona has been open since the beginning of September and some of us have gotten together socially on several occasions. We wear the masks when and where we’re asked to and that’s it. We like being able to hang out again and, more importantly, support local establishments that managed to survive the first two lockdowns. I wrote in July that I would gladly wear a mask if businesses were allowed to open again. People’s livelihoods took precedence, I wasn’t going to have mask-wearing be the hill I would die on.

That had to do with respecting the rules of different business establishments, however, not having the government tell me what to do.

I’m a conservative American, I don’t like it when the government tells me what I can or cannot do something. That immediately makes me want to do the opposite.

As of this writing, we have been left on our own for Thanksgiving here in Arizona. I’m spending the day with my best friends who are family to me and yes, we’re eating outdoors. We’ll wash our hands a lot. No hugging. All of the stuff that Democrats think will only happen under the threat of state-sponsored retribution.

We have all been making adjustments since the Chinese Bat Flu began wreaking havoc. The leftist lie is that conservatives are in denial about everything and opposed to any precautions.

Nonsense. We’re simply adults who bristle at anything that smacks of a nanny state.

So if you want me to keep wearing my mask, don’t tell me I have to.

Happy Early Thanksgiving!


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