Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—Which Rights Will Comrade Biden Take From Me First?

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Hey Joe, Where Did My Constitution Go?

It is no big secret that 21st-century Democrats are — for the most part — not big fans of the Constitution of the United States. They do love to cherry-pick it. Leave in the government’s ability to tax personal income but toss out the Electoral College, that kind of thing. The Chinese Bat Flu pandemic has thoroughly exposed their utter contempt for the First Amendment. We all know where they stand on the Second. It’s just best that we never, ever let them even attempt any of their “fundamental transformation” insanity when it comes to the Constitution.

While I prefer to be in denial about all of what might be waiting for us in 2021, I do have a tendency to dwell on worst-case scenarios. I was a Boy Scout way back before it was a woke perv organization and “Be Prepared” still means something to me. Especially when it comes to liquor cabinets.

Obviously, the bulk of my worst-case prep is being devoted to what the Drooling Husk Once Known As Joe Biden will be forced by his handlers to do should he be sworn in as president. What rights of mine will be almost immediately assailed by Team Transformation?

Let us begin with the Bat Flu and the First Amendment.

The progs pay lip service to freedom of speech, almost always in instances where it isn’t really applicable. In reality, they are the people who keep going on and on about “hate speech,” and have been working for a long time to criminalize whatever they don’t want someone to say. They are an absolute nightmare when it comes to this.

Freedom of the press has been so bastardized and abused by the Left that it is unrecognizable from the right that it was even less than a hundred years ago. The press is now a full-time advocacy corps for all things leftist. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Yeah, I went there.

Look for Joe-Joe Brainless and Super Kop Kamala to try and make you shut up forever.

There have been many times during the COVID pandemic when it was nigh on impossible to not believe that petty leftist government tyrants weren’t using the crisis as a convenient excuse to finally launch the full-scale assault on the free exercise of religion that they’ve been dreaming of for years. While rioters freely roamed the streets setting fire to everything, churchgoers were being harangued by cops who had been told to avoid arresting the violent people.

Team Biden has repeatedly assured us that it’s going to use the plague as an excuse to let its heavy-handed federal government freak flag fly. People of faith may all soon be forced into the catacombs to worship.

As we have seen for many years on college campuses, progressives will dismantle any rights to due process if given the chance. Not for everyone, of course, just for those they deem undesirable, like males.

To their chagrin, Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos counter-punched hard against that nonsense, which made her the Left’s least favorite member of the Trump administration not named Donald Trump.

The Biden people have already threatened to undo as much of DeVos’s work as possible. Jill Biden is a member of the National Education Association, which is the most evil labor organization in America. They will be orchestrating all K-12 policy.

DeVos’s greatest accomplishment was restoring due process to college campuses, where the Obama-Biden administration had created a kangaroo court system that left male college students with almost no recourse if they were accused of sexual assault. It was a thoroughly unconstitutional “guilty with no chance to be proven innocent” setup that exposed just how deep the Left’s contempt for important rights is.

Team Biden has promised to try and once again gut these basic protections, but even The New York Times admits that might not happen:

Undoing what is arguably Ms. DeVos’s most formidable accomplishment — rules for federally funded schools investigating sexual misconduct — could be tougher. The incoming administration has vowed to dismantle those rules. As vice president, Mr. Biden had personally helped introduce the Obama-era guidelines on campus sexual misconduct that Ms. DeVos reversed through formal rule-making.

But unlike guidance documents, which do not carry the force of law, and other DeVos regulatory measures that have been overturned by courts, the sexual misconduct rules have already held up against legal challenges. The rules would have to be overturned through legislation or rewritten through the regulatory system, a process that could take years.

Conservatives will be reminded time and time again in the coming few years just how fortunate we are that President Trump not only prioritized putting friendly judges on the courts, but also gifted Mitch McConnell the spine to do so.

Biden will no doubt do as much as he can to make life miserable for freedom-loving Americans. Brace yourselves for a LOT of executive order overreach. That overreach, however, will provide a fantastic opportunity for Republicans to take complete control of Congress in 2022.

Until then, we’ll have to put our faith in Trump’s reformed Judicial Branch.

First Amendment Champion DeVos Is the MVP of Trump’s Cabinet


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