The Kruiser Kabana Episode 76: Election Mental Health Tips From Life Coach Kruiser

We Will Make It Through This. Probably.

This episode is one of those rambling, one-sided conversation affairs that I believe we have all come to know and love.

People seem a little tense now that we are less than a week out from election day so I thought I would try to talk some folks off of the ledge.

We’re talking about distractions today. I’ll begin by sharing this tweet of a cool looking ancient ginkgo tree that’s fun to stare at and not think of anything important at all:

I’ve got some other suggestions and I believe I talk about going back to church too. Like I said, it’s one of my patented tangential affairs. Listening to me go all over the place for twenty minutes is itself a distraction. You come away from an experience like that feeling pretty darn good about the fact that you are not me. I never get to do that. Fortunately, I’m super into me.

RedState Editor-at-Large Kira Davis is going to join me at the end of the week for a raw, honest, and probably irreverent election preview.



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