The Morning Briefing: The World Health Organization Wants to Restrict Access to Adult Beverages and I May Become Violent

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We are learning things about ourselves during our coronapocalypse shutdown aren’t we, dear readers? Forced to stay inside and find ways to occupy ourselves, most of us have found ways to cope and sometimes even flourish.

Many of us are finding new hobbies. For example, five-time NFL pro bowl star J.J. Watt has developed an affinity for doing the dishes. I’ve never really disliked doing the dishes but maybe I can begin to see the nightly routine through Watt’s eyes and find some joy in the process.

Hey, this is a time for dreaming.

Many of us have been doing what I call Modified COVID Socialization, which involves spending time with friends, family, and colleagues on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other 21st-century luxuries that previous plague-suffers didn’t have going for them. Seriously, I don’t know how humanity survived plagues before Zoom or Instagram memes.

An integral part of these online hangouts has been the consumption of an adult beverage or three as we chat away the quarantine hours with each other. Sure, the more puritanical among us are no doubt wishing we’d invite them to one so they can give us the “alcohol isn’t a healthy coping mechanism” lecture but, thankfully, it’s easy to tune them out when we are all stuck at home.

I’m not saying that we’re all drinking all the time, it’s just kind of a thing right now. My colleagues and I enjoy a virtual happy hour on Fridays. When Stephen Green and I do our VIP Gold live chats on Wednesdays we each enjoy a couple of cocktails or beers. My sister, cousins, and I are getting together on Zoom every Sunday for a drink.

It’s made the time more bearable — even pleasant on occasion.

Now the scolds at the World Health Organization are trying to harsh our mellow:

Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of catching Covid-19 and make it worse if you do get it, the World Health Organization said, recommending that government leaders around the world limit access to alcohol during coronavirus lockdowns.

“Alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes,” the WHO’s regional office for Europe said on its site late Tuesday, citing heavy alcohol use throughout the continent.

There are any number of reasons to tell the WHO brain trust what to do with their suggestion, chief among them being that they are a bumbling bunch of idiots who really dropped the ball when the virus began to spread. It’s safe to say that their advice is suspect, especially in matters of life, death, and important quarantine recreation matters.

Let us not forget the fact that WHO has been acting like a lap dog for the ChiComs, running interference for them and accepting whatever commie spin on the bat flu saga they offer.

And, as long as we are being honest with each other here, let’s admit that we are already sick of other Americans telling us what we can’t do or can’t have. I’m not at all in the mood to have a bunch of ChiCom water-carrying, UN offshoot Eurotrash getting in between me and my craft beer while I’m Zoom-ing away my stay-at-home time with friends and family.

Other than that I’m pretty reasonable about safety suggestions.

Notice Who They Don’t Let Speak Here

This ad looks like a middle school video assignment. The narrator has all the enthusiasm of a hostage being forced to read a ransom demand. They were bright enough to not use any Biden clips, probably because they couldn’t find a coherent sentence of his anywhere.

Odds are that the president won’t be losing any sleep over this one.

An Exciting Personal Announcement

We have some staff updates here at PJ Media that we are very happy to share.

Our old friend Bryan Preston is rejoining the PJ Media fold as our new deputy managing editor. He’s been away for a few years and it’s great to have him back.

In addition to that, Stephen Green and I have been promoted to senior correspondent. Here is a little blurb from the announcement:

Stephen Kruiser started as a PJTV personality in 2010, hosting the popular “Kruiser Control” show. He began writing for PJM in 2012, and over the last year has increased his presence here, writing our daily informative—and hilarious—Morning Briefing (subscribe here to get it delivered to your inbox every morning), along with penning his regular columns. He’s also been an integral part of our VIP program, writing regular articles for our subscribers and hosting a weekly podcast, “The Kruiser Kabana.”

“After a year of unprecedented growth at PJ Media, I’m excited that we aren’t resting on our laurels, ” he said. “Even during these strangest of times, we’re moving forward with new ways to entertain and inform our ever-growing audience. I look forward to continuing my efforts to make our Morning Briefing the most unique newsletter in the genre, as well as writing two columns each week covering culture and politics. It’s going to be fun navigating this new territory both with my colleagues and our readers.”

I’ve been helping out a lot with the editing since last September but will now be focused on writing. This briefing remains the priority for me but I will also be doing two opinion columns a week — one on Tuesday and one on Friday. They won’t just be dealing with politics, I’ll be writing about entertainment and culture as well. It’s going to be fun.


I promise.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

Best of Nextdoor is an American treasure.

This is a train wreck but I really enjoyed it.

Even the voices in my head want to be able to go to a bar again.


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