Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'

Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'
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Greetings, People of Earth

Welcome, dear PJ Media VIP friends, to the first installment of my weekly column, “Worst Week Ever.” I mean that from the bottom of whatever it is in me that generates my semi-annual feeling.

I would like to begin by introducing myself to any of the VIP Gold members who may have wandered over from one of our sister sites, and to any PJ Media readers who are still wondering how in the heck I stumbled in here. I would also like to go over what I want “Kruiser’s Worst Week Ever” to be about. Then I promise I’ll do a little of the actual column stuff.

I’ve been a professional stand-up comic for around thirty-five years. In that time I have had the great pleasure and honor of performing all over the world entertaining U.S. troops.

At almost the same time that I began doing stand-up, I wandered into the even more dysfunctional world of conservative/Republican political activism. The entertainment industry being what it is, I kept my work life and activist life very far apart.

That all changed in 2009, when I co-founded the Los Angeles Tea Party. While I had never really been “closeted” as a conservative in the entertainment business, all any of them knew was that I was a Republican. During the Tea Party movement years I was flying all over America doing speeches and rallies for Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. My activist ways were out of the bag.

The two worlds then collided and it’s been a hot mess fun ride ever since then.

When I first began writing about politics years ago, my focus was mainly on liberal media bias. As a lifelong conservative in entertainment, I’ve been asked to do a fair amount of cultural commentary and critique over the years. I would like this to be a fun combo of me beating up on the thoroughly awful MSM and fighting the culture war from my relatively unique perspective.

I may do an extensive rundown of the worst of both the news and entertainment media that week or I may do a deep dive into something I couldn’t go into detail on in my Morning Briefing.

I would also like to incorporate some interactivity with you. Use the comments to ask me anything, as they say on Reddit, and I will devote some time each week to responding.

Fun will always be the operative word. Ideally, this would be done in person around a gathering of fine spirits. We can be passionate and have a good time. There are plenty of online outlets for constipated conservatives. Let them have their harumphing and “Kids today!” rants. If I see anyone wearing a bow tie I’m cutting it off.

The “Worst Week Ever” part of the column’s title alludes to the fact that the Trump-era media keeps finding ways to sink to new lows.

Whichever route we end up taking each week, it will be more in-depth than anything I do on the other side of the paywall.

There is my initial vision of this endeavor. As with everything I do professionally, I like to leave a lot of wiggle room for it to evolve. This is all for your informative entertainment pleasure. I hope this can be a collaborative effort.

Thanks for indulging this lengthy intro to Project “Worst Week Ever,” now let’s move on to this week’s THING.

I’m No Neurologist, But This Looks Like Amnesia To Me

This was an actual op-ed headline on Thursday from our “Democracy Dies in Darkness” friends at The Washington Post:

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