Election 2020

Added Benefit of the Trump Presidency Is Better Ads

President Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Committee (RNC) winter meeting in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

I’ve never looked forward to new political ads before. That has all changed going in to the 2020 cycle. Every new ad the RNC or the Trump campaign puts out is a departure from the past. They are taking a cue from the meme culture that helped propel the 2016 campaign and they are never boring. I am not sure if the Trump organization marketing personnel now pepper the RNC and the campaign, but it works.

And props to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for riding the meme wave into the future. rather than the stale anti-Trump ads we see from organizations like the Lincoln Project that feel like Dole for President ads. Here is the latest submission from the RNC:

Every year the corporate media likes to remind us that the tan suit was President Obama’s only scandal. If they are consistent, they will remind us again towards the end of August. That is if they can escape covering the latest scandal regarding FISA abuse and spying on a rival presidential campaign.

President Trump sent a single tweet that said Obamagate following the public release of declassified documents related to the unmasking of General Michael Flynn. This immediately caused the hacks in the corporate media to dub it a conspiracy theory. I guess you are not supposed to believe your own lying eyes when you read the official documents related to the Spygate scandal.

Or you are directly over the target. Add the fact there were so many members of the corporate media who were complicit in leaking, lying and helping to craft the narrative, and of course they are desperate to shut it down. You may expect not a single one to report any of the findings, disclosures or revelations honestly. They still haven’t apologized to Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) for being 100% correct in his FISA memo.

Without mentioning the current scandal directly, this ad reminds voters that that may be the latest one, but it was certainly not the only one. The best part of the ad is that it uses corporate media sources, not Fox News, to lay them out. The corporate media actually reported these scandals. Gently, but at least they covered them.

The ad uses a clip from 2019 appearance on The View where Joe Biden tried to use this inaccurate framing for his own benefit. “Not one single whisper of scandal,” were his words. Of course, Joy Behar and company have Trump-induced amnesia and did not challenge the assertion.

In reality, the new ad covers only a portion of the scandalous behavior that occurred during the Obama administration. Now that Joe Biden’s recollection and/or honesty have been challenged by the Flynn unmasking revelations, it casually reminds viewers Obamagate is not the only scandal that actually happened.

All this without putting Biden in direct contrast to Trump related to the recent revelations. It is simply Biden’s own words checked by the reality from 2008-2016 through the eyes of Democrat-friendly media. Perfect.