Where's the Outrage Over a Million Americans Intentionally Killed Every Year?

Where's the Outrage Over a Million Americans Intentionally Killed Every Year?
Abortion rights demonstrators including Jaylene Solache, of Dallas, Texas, right, rally, Wednesday, March 4, 2020, outside the Supreme Court in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

There is no shame in being sad about the 100,000 death attributed to coronavirus. It is true that most deaths were of elderly and ill individuals, conditions shared by this author. And it is also true that bad flu years see the same death toll. But no one should be forced to leave before their time. Coronavirus did that, even though it needn’t have. There is no shame in being angry with the Communist Chinese Regime that foisted this virus on the world by lying about its ease of transmission, and then, while blocking internal travel, by sending tens of thousands of coronavirus carriers around the world to infect all the world. Compensation from China is needed and justified. 

What no one talks about, and has no place in the public consciousness, is that close to a million American babies in the womb are intentionally killed each and every year. Is this the promised “safe, legal, and rare” procedure we were promised by President Clinton? Today it is far from “rare”; it is at a genocide level. And the current demand is that abortion be expanded to end of term, and even including infanticide of the newborn. Being able to kill their babies is the highest value of feminists, who view an abortion as a badge of honor.

These babies are deemed in the U.S. and Canadian legal systems to have no rights, so can be killed with impunity. The legal argument to justify abortions is that a fetus and the mother are one, and so the fetus can have no separate rights. Fetuses are thus likened to pimples, which the mother can pop as she likes. 

The rationale for unlimited, unrestricted abortions is that women have a right to control their own bodies, and thus a right to kill their babies in utero and newly born. But there is a critical question that is never answered: Why, if women are keen to control their bodies, they do not control them prior to getting pregnant? There are many means, mental, mechanical, and chemical to avoid becoming pregnant. If only women would put their minds to avoiding pregnancy if that is what they wish, perhaps they could avoid killing their babies. 

What kind of society is it that encourages the killing of babies? It is a society that cannot sustain itself, cannot replace its population, is demographically unsustainable. What kind of society is it that says that mothers killing their own babies is a good thing? The right to kill is glossed by abortion advocates as “the right to choose.” But what kind of woman chooses to kill her own baby? 

What is next? Obligatory euthanasia of the elderly and useless? Sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes was a good start, but there is more “good work” to be done.

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