Robert Davi: ‘I Blame the GOP’ for ‘Bitching’ About Obamacare Without Replacement

Robert Davi: ‘I Blame the GOP’ for ‘Bitching’ About Obamacare Without Replacement
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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – Actor, singer and political activist Robert Davi told PJM he blames congressional Republicans, not President Trump, for the lack of an Obamacare replacement because they have been “bitching about it for 7 years” without promoting a clear alternative.


“You’ve got to realize something. I blame the GOP. All right? I blame the GOP, because for 7 years they’ve complained and they should have done something. And when you have Nancy Pelosi, after saying to the American public ‘I don’t know what’s in it until we pass it, OK’? So that’s the joke of the whole system. C’mon. It’s absurd,” Davi told PJM during an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference just outside of Washington on Thursday.

“They should have been ready for this moment. I don’t blame Donald Trump. They have been bitching about it for 7 years, Obamacare, you hear it every single time on the news, ‘we’ve got to repeal Obamacare,’ and yet these guys, they sit there and they twiddle their thumbs – so now we’ve got a leader in the White House who is going to shake that up. They’re going to be held accountable by the American people through Donald Trump,” he added.

Davi suggested the Republicans in Congress consult with medical doctors for ideas to incorporate into an Obamacare replacement.

“I think the GOP has to acquiesce and sit down with Donald Trump and get these experts. There’s doctors that have great plans, great ideas about this, get in a lot of these medical doctors that talk about how do we tackle this and what’s going to be the best plan for the American people and have a quick symposium on it. But I think he’s doing that,” he said.


“They’ve been complaining about Obamacare for at least 7 years. Why don’t they have a better plan than, you know? This is the problem with the GOP, so Donald Trump is in there to get that done. He’s going to push that agenda,” he added.

Davi also told PJM that he would like to see Trump improve efficiency in the government and reduce its size in addition to cutting tax rates.

“Every business is streaming except the government. In China, they just hired 60,000 robotic employees – well, get them in the government. Let’s get some robots in the government, this way there’s no political ideology and just – what do they call it? Efficiency. You know, that’s where we want robots in the government. Anyway, I’m being facetious,” he said.

Davi participated in a panel discussion at CPAC on “life at the intersections of politics and pop culture.” He told PJM that China is purchasing studios in the United States and conservatives in Hollywood have to make more films to get their message out to the public.

“Don’t forget you have China buying a lot of the studios right now. You’ve got foreign money influencing a lot of the financing of films, foreign sales on films, so the money again is holding the whole thing accountable. You have to have conservative filmmakers come out with conservative or just American messaging,” he said.

Davi connected the need for more conservative messages in Hollywood productions to the immigration reform debate.


“We need to have assimilation, that’s what we have to have, assimilation with out immigrants, that’s not happening. We are splitting off in all these special-interest things, so what happens is the culture gets frayed,” he said. “We need the money guys to come into culture and sit down with great filmmakers. They’ve tried to do this many times and it just doesn’t work.”

Davi said foreign financing is causing Hollywood to push a globalist agenda.

“Hollywood is going to get financed by foreign entities and push a globalist agenda, for the most part,” he said.

When asked if he thinks that will continue, David replied, “I’m not a fortune teller, but I would assume it depends. We have a chance right now to change the culture if this administration delivers to the American people what I believe they are going to deliver – it will change the culture. This was our only change to kind of like get the progressive left, the communist left, at least more than wounded.”

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