Trump Was Right: We Should Ban TikTok

AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

If you are a parent and you have children who still have TikTok on their phones, you are a bad parent. No, seriously. Did you know that TikTok is driving teens to commit self-harm and violent acts and even pick up mental disorders and eating disorders, and it’s using algorithms to do it? Why would a social media company do this? Because it’s owned by America’s number one enemy: China.

Not too long ago, our former president told us that TikTok is another tool of the enemy and is used to spy on Americans and influence our kids. The New York Times reported, “the actions follow an Aug. 6 executive order in which President Trump argued that TikTok and WeChat collect data from American users that could be retrieved by the Chinese government.”

No one listened to him when he said we should ban it or force an American buyout of the platform. Neither happened, and now we are facing the consequences. Every time there’s a “TikTok Challenge,” American kids and institutions pay the price. The infamous “bathroom challenge” led to massive vandalism in schools across this country. Even the bathroom in our rural high school where I live in the middle of nowhere was hit. The “punch a teacher” challenge resulted in several teachers being attacked in schools. The “fire challenge” led to kids setting themselves on fire and being horribly injured. The “blackout challenge” where kids choke themselves has resulted in teen suicides.

And the most recent horror from the Chinese app was the “take a gun to school” challenge that resulted in hundreds of thousands of parents keeping their kids home on December 17th, because this was the day the TikTok puppet masters chose. How is this not a national emergency? Our schools were half-empty a week ago because of TikTok.

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Parents were terrified and didn’t know what to do. Should they keep the kids home and not take a chance that some sicko would do it? Should they send them to school anyway, risking that if something were to happen, they would never forgive themselves? This is not a choice any parent should have to make.

My friend posted this to Facebook on the 17th, and it struck a chord with me.

Pray this morning for our children. Pray for the Mommas and the Daddies. Pray for our world. No parent should be dealing with what the entire country is dealing with today.

God loves our children more than we do. Repeat that to yourself. Let it sink in. He’s got them. He’s got us. Whatever decision you make it’s right for you. Pray also for the teachers and school administrators. I can’t even imagine. Pray also for our men and women in uniform who may be in schools today. May they all have a boring peace-filled day.

How negligent are our leaders, that we are left with no other options to keep our kids safe from this clear threat than to pray? I love prayer, don’t get me wrong, but I feel more than a little angry that our leaders cannot see that banning TikTok is the right thing to do, and that this situation requires decisive and swift action.

A recent investigation found that TikTok is purposefully pushing sex, drugs, and alcohol content on kids.

One of the accounts, claiming to belong to a 13-year-old, was shown 569 videos about drug use including references to cocaine and meth addiction, as well as promotional videos for the online sales of drug products.

The WSJ accounts were also shown over 100 videos promoting pornography sites and sex shops from accounts labelled as adults only.

There were even videos encouraging eating disorders, promoting alcohol consumption and other adult orientated content.

The WSJ reporters sent TikTok almost 1,000 videos showing drugs, porn and other adult-related content that had been shown to their 13 to 15 year old bot accounts.

There is nothing good or redeeming about this app. It is purposefully trying to harm our kids, just like China is purposefully allowing illegal fentanyl to flow into our country from theirs, which is causing a massive amount of deaths across our land. We are losing 40,000 people a year to fentanyl overdoses. In many cases, the victims don’t even know they’re taking fentanyl. China has declared war on us and is killing 40,000 Americans a year, and no one in charge does anything about it.

If you are a parent and this app is on your kids’ phones, God help you. You’re negligent. Remove it before it hurts your kids.