Weekly Good News Round-Up: Diverse Pancakes, Dad Power, and Power Naps

Weekly Good News Round-Up: Diverse Pancakes, Dad Power, and Power Naps
(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Hey all! Happy Saturday! Halloween weekend is upon us. Are you ready to raid all the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups out of your kids’ pillowcases? I know I am. (I also take the Milk Duds. We call it the “Mom Tax,” and it gets them ready to take the abuse from Uncle Sam when they get jobs.)

It’s the best time of the year. The leaves are bright red and the weather is chilly, and yesterday, for a little while, the sky was bright blue before the rain came. It does not get better than autumn in New York, and that’s good because there are very few things that bring happiness here.

Black people will not be banned from pancake boxes today, Satan!

How much do I love Terrence Williams? So much. Terrence is a Twitter comedian who usually films himself eating Chick-fil-A while reacting to stupid things that Democrats do. But now Terrence is doing something bigger. He’s decided that black people should not be banned from product marketing because of Democrats’ efforts to cancel them. He’s made his own gourmet pancake mix called Cousin T’s, and you must buy some today. This deserves support. Also, he has some great merchandise like mugs that say “uncancellable.” I love it. Go, Terrence! We all miss Aunt Jemima, but I think Cousin T’s is my new favorite kitchen staple.

Dads matter.

A group of dads in a Louisiana community stepped up after violence at the local school spiraled out of control. They formed a group called Dads on Duty and are coming to school every day to keep the peace. This is amazing, and it should happen in every school in America. One of the best things about this is how the dads use “dad humor” to connect with the kids. Though they might cringe, they secretly love it. Kids need this kind of attention, and no one else can do what dads can do. America needs more dads like these guys. I love these men. This should be contagious across this nation. Get out there, dads, and make a difference for the kids in your community. They need you.

Don’t mess with Marines.

Remember the Marine who disarmed a shaky robber in a gas station like he was taking candy from a baby?

When he was interviewed about this epic video he ended his Fox News appearance with a well-timed “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Classic.

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Naps are good.

I know exactly how this dog feels. The older I get, the better naps feel—which might be the best thing about aging. There’s a moment before falling asleep that feels like what I imagine heaven to be. Exactly like this video below. God bless.