Weekly Good News Round-Up: Animal Hijinx, Pockets, and Comeuppance

Photo credit: 2goldi from Pixabay.

I’ve been sick so you know what that means: I retreat to my bed and do nothing but this.

My husband loves it (sarc). We’re exactly the opposite of what people think about men and women. Usually, everyone says men are babies about colds. Not Mr. Fox. He works through everything while I lay abed and cry. He’s a prince to put up with it and makes me soup and brings me liquids. Truly, we’re a match made in heaven. No one else could put up with me sick (other than my own mother).

But the sun is now peeking out and my recovery is almost complete. This means I am now required to go back to making dinner and doing laundry. Sigh. But on to happier topics:

Animals @#!?ing with each other for fun:

You all know I love animal stories and this week our own Stacey Lennox supplied me with my animal video fix. She has a cat (with Trump hair) who came to the defense of the dogs. Stacey reported that some blue jays (very nasty birds) were buzzing the dogs. Cue Trump cat to the rescue.

Then the birds started buzzing the cat. These are not smart birds. I don’t think they died…yet…but if they keep this up, I think Trump cat wins.

Science is wrong a lot:

One of my favorite things to do is highlight how the know-it-all scientific community is full of excrement. They are the biggest group on earth that needs a regular dose of humility. Check this out: We know everything! Until we find out we don’t know everything. 

Girls’ jeans need pockets. Period. This kid made that happen.

If there’s anything I despise, it’s jeans with fake pockets and yet for some reason manufacturers make women’s and girls’ jeans without real pockets in the front. I don’t know what this is about but it’s a real problem. A first-grader in Arkansas wrote a letter to Old Navy about this issue that bothers all of us and the retailer actually made some and sent them to her and started selling them in stores. Way to go, kid. You have a bright future.

People appear to have quit making Rachel Hollis rich and famous.

This development can’t be anything but good news. Social media influencer and author of insipid faux Christian books like Girl, Wash Your Face Rachel Hollis appears to be over. Can I just say, thank you, Jesus? If there is anything we need less of in this self-obsessed society, it’s fake “girl boss” babes who peddle pseudo-scientific self-help garbage to the gullible masses.

Hollis appears to be trending on YouTube for all the wrong reasons, including freaking out and telling people she never wanted to be relatable and launching into a hyper-ugly tirade about having the ability to hire people to clean her toilets means success or something. I don’t know, and I don’t care, but if it means no more book titles that start with “Girl,” I’m all in. There’s a lot of truth in warnings about the damaging nature of “toxic positivity” that manipulative pyramid-scheme companies or self-help figures use to gain personal wealth while profiting off of the stress of others. It’s gross and I’m glad this is happening.

I particularly liked this video explanation of what happened to Hollis’s career and if you have some time to listen (while cleaning your own toilets as most of the world does without feeling like a failure), click play and be entertained.

I’m going to go clean my toilets now and feel grateful that I have indoor plumbing. Have a great weekend, friends!