Your Weekly Good News Round-Up: Milo, Mars, Mountains, and More

Milo Yiannopoulos (Jeremy Papasso/Daily Camera via AP, File)

How is it Friday again? However it got here, I’m thrilled. Grab a cold one and start slurping.


🚨 ATTENTION: All you single ladies. Milo is available. 🚨 


First up on the good news bandwagon is that Milo Yiannopoulos is freaking out the left again because he’s decided to live a celibate life and considers himself ex-gay. I knew this was going to happen. The very first time I saw Milo he was insisting he was incredibly gay. I just couldn’t see it. I always saw him settling down with a woman and having babies. He says for now he’s just staying celibate and has consecrated his life to St. Joseph. I’m willing to bet that in two years he’ll be dating women. Say what you will about Milo, but he will always inflict more pain on the left than they can handle without squealing like vampires hit with holy water.

The news that he is now “ex-gay” is causing mayhem in the circles that insisted that a man can be a woman, a straight man can turn gay, but a gay man can never be straight. It really doesn’t make any logical sense. If anyone can be whatever they want to be then surely Milo can be celibate. This interview he did on LifeSite News is a must-watch. It’s good to see him back in the media talking about life in depth. When we are surrounded by low-IQ social media influencers, listening to Milo discuss the church, philosophy, cancel culture, and his journey is a treat. “As the most censored man in America, I’m also the freest.”


You will thank me profusely for this 

Are you tired of complaining kids at dinner time? I know I am! I have gotten into a dinner rut lately and no one is excited to have spaghetti…again. So, I went on YouTube desperately searching for something new and kid-friendly and I found the holy grail of dinner casseroles (and Mr. Fox does NOT eat casseroles, so I wasn’t expecting him to like this one, but it turned out to be a winner). This bacon cheeseburger casserole is so good. Don’t forget to drizzle with mayo and lettuce for the full effect. And use a whole pound of bacon because, why not? Who uses half a cup of bacon? That’s simply not allowed in my house. Other than that, this recipe is amazeballs. It’s like Wendy’s in a bowl. You’re welcome.

Feeling down? Get a bird feeder.

Did you know that being around birds makes you happier? In fact, studies have shown it increases satisfaction in the same way an extra $150 a week in your paycheck does. Science Daily reported,

A high biodiversity in our vicinity is as important for life satisfaction as our income, scientists found. All across Europe, the individual enjoyment of life correlates with the number of surrounding bird species. An additional 10% of bird species therefore increases the Europeans’ life satisfaction as much as a comparable increase in income. Nature conservation thus constitutes an investment in human well-being.




Why didn’t anyone tell me Mars has a live cam?

The only thing Mars is missing now is a Kardashian family. Just kidding. That would be terrible. Here’s the live cam of Mars being broadcast for your enjoyment on YouTube, set to some relaxing music.

Spring is making an appearance

Take lots of time to soak up the sunshine this weekend since the big thaw is here and those of us in the Northeast are experiencing the bliss of the mountains draining themselves of layers of snow. I didn’t grow up around mountains and now that I’m experiencing life on a mountain, everything is still new, including the sound of rushing water that descends every spring with the first hot rays of the spring sun. It is incredible. There are waterfalls around every corner. Spring in upstate New York is outrageously gorgeous. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow but once the big thaw happens there’s no going back. We’re on the other side of winter now and it’s heaven.

Remember, get outside and check yourself, your kids, and your dogs for ticks. They’re wicked this time of year. Have a great weekend, everyone!