The Big Guy Strikes Out

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

You can think long and hard about who might have been a better candidate for the Democrats, but as bad as Biden is, and as badly as he got beaten in Thursday’s debate, you’ll come up empty.

Biden was their only chance. Joe Biden’s installation by the Democrat establishment places into stark relief the absolute glut of losers currently parading the Democrat Socialists into electoral perdition. Now, with the Biden corruption meter falling hard into the danger zone, it must be asked: What did the Democrat strategists who foisted this fading senior citizen into the top slot know and when did they know it?

The calculation was that Bernie Sanders, an organic socialist who legitimately inspired enthusiasm in the increasingly far-left ranks, could not win. The calculation was correct, he never could. As Rush Limbaugh has said for years, most Americans don’t like it when so-called progressives honestly divulge their vision for the nation. It is always necessary for them to package their true intent in an unmarked brown box of moderation.

Biden was packaged as that brown box. He actually is that brown box. But while Biden himself might be an empty vessel representing do-nothing political corruption, the box is not empty. It is filled and festering with radicals.

The question becomes: While the top Dem strategists were divining Bernie’s capitulation and grooming next-in-line Joe for the top of the ticket, did they have any clue about the bombshell information that has driven the former VP into Groundhog Day mode, and threatens to collapse the best laid plans of the contemporary antecedents of people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Terry McAuliffe and  James Carville? Did these people have any idea of the extent of how inextricably the Biden family is on the take from foreign governments that were supposed—in the mainstream media narrative—to be vested in assisting and reelecting President Trump?

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If the top strategists knew what lay buried in the Biden family’s economic dossier, they committed political malfeasance when they tanked Bernie and elevated Biden.

Better for them to have gone down with Sanders/Warren. Yes, Sanders is an America-hating progressive who would cynically pander for the votes of incarcerated criminals on the way to a Marxist revolution that would destroy the country as founded. Warren, a shrill, kook-lefty liar who pretends to like beer, shares Sanders’ governing philosophy. Either one of them would have been a disaster.  But with Sanders and Warren at the top of their ticket, at least the Democrats could have gone down with some degree of authenticity.

As things stand, with Biden in window-dressing alignment with a socialist party whose policy agenda he cannot articulate, they’re going down with a candidate who embodies the worst instincts our political class has to offer, sprung fresh out of the most corrupt, scandalous, lawless administration in the nation’s history.

One can only imagine Sanders’ and Warren’s reactions watching Biden’s revelatory debacle unfold. The Trojan Horse they hoped in their defeat might move the socialist agenda forward is hopelessly compromised by surfacing allegations, fatally hobbled by information coming out of the dark, deep, basement of the Biden family’s opportunistic greed.

In this moment of his Emperor-like disrobing, Biden is revealed as the absolute antithesis of the Democratic Socialism strategists tried to package in a moderate box and sneak under the wire.

He is a 47-year veteran of all talk and no action. An individual who has displayed over his career questionable racial attitudes. He is the patriarch of a family that lined its pockets while Dad shipped American jobs to foreign countries, committed our fighting men and women to pointless wars, and then slept like a baby.

It is obvious that Joe Biden’s political career must retire now to the big sleep.  There is no need to delineate how bad his progressively-manufactured “plans” for America are, should he win the presidency. Biden did an excellent job of mortally wounding himself in the self-inflicted, Trump-inflicted bloodbath of the final debate.

Sanders/Warren must be aghast—if they have any integrity at all–at how horribly the man the Democrat decisionmakers ordained is bearing the standard for social justice, redistribution, “fair share” taxation, and every other tenet of left-wing governance. There is no way now that Joe Biden can carry the torch for anything but status quo globalism, Deep State hegemony, and the personification of career political self-interest.

We ask again: How much did the Democrat establishment know about the potentially compromised, corruption-ridden man they aced the real-deal socialists out for?

If they had any inkling, all things considered, was Biden still the best they had?

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.