5 Things to Know About the QAnons, Including the Fact That Trump Won't Be Reinstated

5 Things to Know About the QAnons, Including the Fact That Trump Won't Be Reinstated
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Save Your Popcorn: Trump Isn’t Coming Back Today

I have met a lot of “Q” people. Some are parents and even grandparents, and most are over 50 years old. They are all successful at what they do. They don’t all share the same “Q” views, but most believe one thing: Trump will be back in the White House by the end of 2021. They just disagree on the date.

FACT-O-RAMA! Nothing in the Constitution would allow Trump to be reinstated as president even if an election fraud smoking gun is found. Gropey Joe Biden could say “We cheated and this is how we did it,” and Trump still wouldn’t be reinstated. It’s time to accept that.

As evidence of election fraud piles up in various swing states, and Democrats try to stop the audits, the “Qs” feel more and more that they are right: the election was stolen and Trump will return. Many think he is in charge now, despite Biden’s dismantling of all things Trump. The election MAY have been stolen. We would find out faster if Democrats and RINOS didn’t try to stop the audits in AZ, PA, WI, GA, and MI. By the way, the Qs see the Dems and RINOS trying to stop the audits and that only fuels the fire.

Q and KAOS

Are Q people dangerous? Most of the Qs I’ve met are women over 50 years old with, to my knowledge, no history of violence. QAnon Shaman Jacob Chesley (the guy at the Capitol with the horns) is a known Q believer. He was arrested and remains in jail, though he did not engage in any violence. Few weapons were recovered from those arrested on January 6th, and most that did have weapons likely carried them to fight off Antifa ambushes. However, a Q couple was arrested and the husband, Jamie Buteau, 48, is facing charges of obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder; assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers; and engaging in physical violence on Capitol grounds.

On April 14, 2021, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that five QAnon peeps had been arrested over the January 6 protest gone bad. The article doesn’t give their names, ages, or genders.

What Do the Qs Believe?

Hard to say. Not all Qs have the same opinions, but with that said, here are 5 facts about the QAnons:

1) Who Is Q?

Many Qs believe that “QAnon” is a small group of military insiders who are sick of the direction the U.S. seems to be going. Others believe Q is JFK Jr. They believe he faked his death to save the United States from globalists by sending coded messages to his followers. They interpret the messages and try to figure out what will happen and when. He does this by releasing “Q drops.” A recent Q drop said to “watch the water.” A few Q followers believe Q has a time machine and is reporting from the future. This site will help you understand Q for $2 a month, if you don’t mind.

2) Follow the Signs

The Qs are always watching for the “signs.” For example, George Washington crossed the Delaware in Durham boats, hence many believe the Durham Report will reveal election fraud, political criminality, etc., and Trump will somehow be reinstated.

The ship that clogged up the Suez Canal had the word EVERGREEN painted on its side. Evergreen was supposedly the Secret Service moniker for Hillary, who many Q peeps believe is part of a worldwide pedophile ring. They believe the ship was full of children.

I would add that people might not come up with this stuff if Biden kept his hands off of kids. This also adds fuel to the Q fire. Bill Clinton visiting Epstein’s Pedo Island and flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane 24ish times doesn’t help either.

3) Time Clock

The Qs have what’s called a Q clock, and even give directions on how to read it. Many interpret things differently, so there is no conclusive agreement on what “Q” is telling them.


The Qs have a lot of thoughts on COVID and especially the vaccine. Some Qs believe the COVID vaccine has something in it that “connects” people to the internet and allows the government to follow us. Some Qs believe the government is going after our pineal glands. A lot of Qs thought the COVID virus was made in a Chinese lab…oh wait…

5) Follow the Plan

Why do the Q people believe what they believe? Because they have to. Every Q person I’ve met tells me they believe what they believe because the reality is too much: Biden cheated his way in and communism is here to stay. The globalists are taking over and COVID is their cover. They will use it to control us. The nation as we know it is facing destruction, and the pedophile ring is scooping up kids for a horrible fate.

Whereas people can believe what they want, there is a serious downside to the Qs. The left uses them to lump all conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpsters into one big, dangerous, stupid group of knuckleheads. They link anything they want to hide, especially election fraud news, to those wacky QAnon boogeymen who seem intent on “insurrection.”

A “QAnon affiliated” leak? Really, CNN?


Stop the Madness

The Q followers also give people false hope. Trump isn’t running things from Mar-a-Lago. The army isn’t taking orders from Trump. He isn’t going to be reinstated. If Trump comes back, it won’t be until 2024.