Daily Dose of Downey: Another Bloody Chicago Weekend Ends With 13 Killed

Daily Dose of Downey: Another Bloody Chicago Weekend Ends With 13 Killed
Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP, Pool

Chicagoans Dying at Alarming Rate

Not only did Chicago’s weekend “Festival of Lead” not disappoint, it was the worst second weekend of August since began recording the city’s gun tomfoolery in 2014. The Windy City saw 13 people killed and a whopping 73 wounded by perforation, as compared to five killed and 40 wounded during this same weekend last year. There were 136 people shot during the entire week (August 1 through August 7), and 19 of them died. That’s five more killed and 20 more wounded than  the same week last year.

Thus far in 2021, 467 Chicagoans have been killed and another 2,131 have been winged. That’s up demonstrably from the same time last year (461 killed and 1,913 wounded).

There were three mass shootings this weekend, resulting in one person killed and 15 injured. Despite the mass shooting narrative, no MAGA caps were found at the crime scenes.

Two of the mass shootings took place in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, which is 96.98% black. So much for the narrative that angry, white corn-fed bumbkins are blazing up the nation.

The third mass shooting took place in the Near West Side neighborhood, which, though somewhat more diverse, is still listed by as Chicago’s 12th bloodiest neighborhood with 72 people shot this year.

Two of the mass shootings took place at clubs or lounges, and one was a drive-by.

Police Officer Killed

Two Chicago police officers were shot this weekend. Officer Ella French died and her partner is in the ICU after a routine traffic stop. Three are in custody, and none of them have serious rap sheets. Officer French is the first female officer killed since 1988 and the first officer to die of gunshot wounds since Lori Lightfoot became mayor. Thus far this year, 27 officers have been shot at and 11 have been hit.

Mayor Lightfoot took the opportunity to turn the tragedy into a political point, even going after the police, stating: “There are some who say we do not do enough for the police and that we are handcuffing them from doing their jobs. There are others who say we do too much for the police and that we never hold them accountable for what they do, particularly in Black and brown neighborhoods.”

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She also tweeted, “Some say we don’t do enough for the police. Others say we do too much. All of this must stop. We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.”

She somehow failed to mention the people who use the guns for nefarious purposes. Not to mention the liberal policies she and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx have brought to the Second City with devastating results.

Lightfoot’s tweet didn’t go over well, and the Twitterverse gave her the business.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones went after Antifa and BLM.