Daily Dose of Downey: Woke Judge Lets Thug Walk Because Jury Was Too White; FBI Arresting Grandparent 'Domestic Terrorists'

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

White Can’t Be Right

Manhattan federal Judge Analisa Torres tossed a grand jury indictment because the jury was too white. She was appointed by Obama. Duh.

Torres issued a 36-page decision, stating that the 43-year-old defendant, William “Ill Will” Scott, successfully argued that “Black and Latinx” people were underrepresented in the jury pool. Apparently, white jurors can’t be trusted. And stop saying “Latinx.” Every Latino I know hates it, except the obedient, far-left Latino libs who do whatever their progressive white leaders decree.

“The Government has failed to meet its burden by coming forward with evidence rebutting the presumption that such underrepresentation was the result of purposeful discrimination,” Torres wrote Monday. “Therefore, Defendant has established a violation of his Fifth Amendment right to a race-neutral jury selection process.”

Scott’s grand jury had convened in White Plains because New York City courts were closed due to the CCP virus. He was arrested for a shooting in the Bronx. The suspected member of the “Bloods” gang has 25 arrests on his rap sheet, including one for attempted murder.

Prosecutors have assembled another grand jury, with a different judge, and “Ill Will” shall have his day in court.

Bingo Insurgency

The FBI arrested a 69-year-old New York City man for being in the Capitol on January 6. The well-loved man is now the neighborhood pariah. A neighbor actually told him, “I hope Antifa gets you.” Charming, though not surprising.

The FBI arrested another 69-year-old domestic terrorist granny, even though an FBI photo shows a Capitol cop holding the door for her to enter. They also bagged a 49-year-old grandmother from Indiana. This comes as hundreds of rioters in New York City have had their charges dropped and many others reduced—charges that frequently involve a lot more than walking around a federal building.