Daily Dose of Downey: Want To Fix Gun Violence? Stop Calling It 'Gun Violence' and Call It What It Is

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Don’t Blame the Game, Blame the Players

“President” Biden will go on TV and hit the usual talking points about how gun violence is out of control, how it’s time to ban (insert gun accessory most people don’t use. I predict arm braces and ghost guns), and of course how we have to get rid of those scary AR-15s. Never mind that ARs, ghost guns, and braces aren’t used in most shootings, Biden’s job today is to provide futile lip service to their evils and to the evils of the “white supremacists” who embrace them. He will then promise change and deliver squat, just like Obama. As we all know, guns don’t kill, criminals kill, and according to this FBI chart, most of them aren’t using AR-15s, ghost guns, or arm braces. And according to this FBI chart, most of them aren’t “white supremacists.”

Dem Ideas Are Getting Black People Killed

What’s really out of control is the Democrats’ three-headed Hydra: defunding the police, bail reform, and lenient sentencing for “oppressed” people. This trifecta of stupidity only helps criminals and anarchists. Innocent black people in major cities are getting shot, and white supremacists aren’t pulling the triggers. Woke whitey calls for these nonsensical policies and innocent black people are getting gunned down. Please show me the white supremacists in this video,

Mad bomb shouts to the “man” using kids as a shield and his miscreant of an antagonist for firing his gun in their direction.

BONUS LESSON # 1 – You are more likely to outrun a gunman if you pull up your pants.

The woken dead don’t care that two minority kids almost took a bullet. They just want to sleep better, believing their lib policies make them better people than those “racist” conservatives. Weird because conservative values aren’t decimating poor black and brown neighborhoods.

Stop Playing Stupid

The real lunacy of the left is that they pretend they can’t see the reality of their policies.

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“Shootings are up? How? We JUST released all the criminals, defunded the cops, and got rid of bail reform. What more do we need to do?”

I wanted to believe that progressives can’t be this dumb, but then I saw a Facebook convo where woke white girls were discussing why the news keeps showing black people pummeling Asians instead of “white supremacists.”

Necessary Evil

The true fiendishness of the Democrat Party is that they profit every time a black person is shot. They stand on the bodies of the dead person, (bonus if it’s a kid) and say: “Guns did this. Ban the guns.” Truly diabolical Democrats will watch that video we just saw and blame the NRA instead of the individual firing near kids and the Dem policies that allow this to keep happening. In short, they don’t want the inner city carnage to end. If they did, the plan would be simple: Lock up the guilty (no matter what color they are), punish them severely, and leave law-abiding gun owners alone–especially when the Democrats’ Hydra has created the worst crime wave in decades.