Five Reasons to Not Be a Cop These Days. #5 Will Infuriate You.

AP Photo/Matt York

What’s the point of being a cop anymore? The media runs quotidian stories, apocryphal at best, of police brutality (sorry about the SAT words but I only have five and use them when I can). Liberal celebrities and politicians hamstring cops at every turn. Lefty politicians regurgitate the myth of “systemic racism” in policing anytime someone points a camera at them. 

Gone Fishin’

Most of our major cities have seen ridiculous spikes in police retirements. In Chicago, 560 cops retired last year, a 15% increase from the previous year. In New York, 2,500 officers said goodbye in 2020, almost double the number in 2019. As my colleague, Rick Moran pointed out, 200 cops in Minneapolis have retired since the death of George Floyd. Victoria Taft told us the same thing regarding Portland. It’s happening all over the country and I don’t blame them

Why are so many cops leaving the job? Because it’s the smart thing to do. Here are some very good reasons to not be a cop in the United States these days.

1. Lights, Camera, Lies

The media, the Democrats, and Hollywood are working against our police. How can cops do their jobs when the people with the cameras and microphones are telling the citizenry that cops are evil racists who are “hunting black people”? The constant barrage of nonsense does nothing but turn people against the police and make police work WAY more dangerous. Hollywood produced 127 TV episodes across various networks promoting the myth of “systemic racism.” Kamala Harris even went so far as to compare ICE to the KKK.

2. Bail Reform, It’s Lit!

Cops arrest criminals and left-leaning politicians let them walk. Bail reform is responsible for thousands of criminals not even seeing the inside of a jail. Imagine not being able to police your neighborhood because you have to arrest the same jabroni 18 times in 4 days. You know bail reform is a joke when a New York City career criminal actually thanks Democrats for allowing him to remain on the streets to commit more crimes, claiming, “Bail reform, it’s lit!” after his 139th arrest. Mad bomb shouts to De Blasio and Cuomo for decorating New York City in that 70’s, retro-ghetto look.

3. Let My People Go

Nothing makes Democrats feel better about themselves than releasing criminals from prison. Never mind that the felons are likely to commit more crimes against people in their own communities, typically poor, black neighborhoods. It’s that warm, fuzzy liberal feeling the leftists crave. COVID was the ideal excuse to let bad guys back into society. What could possibly go wrong when you release 1,500 felons from New York alone? More violence. As if there aren’t enough criminals on the streets, the libs are sending in the reserves. So what is the message to cops here? “Risk your lives catching the outlaws and we will just send them back into the game.” At some point cops have to ask themselves, “what’s the point?” And THAT’S the point. Fewer cops.

4. Sorry Son, You’ve Been Defunded

Being a cop means you run the risk that you could be defunded any day. This might mean your equipment isn’t updated, your training is suspended or you’re simply laid off. It might mean your partner gets canned and now you have to answer a dangerous call by yourself. Defunding the police is an insane idea under normal conditions but doing it after bail reform and emptying the prisons is ludicrous. It’s no surprise that cities cutting tens of millions of dollars from their police budgets are seeing skyrocketing crime rates. DUH! Who would want to risk their lives or livelihood in this situation?

5. What Was Bad Is Good

Now that the leftists have let felons go free, thrown in bail reform to keep the criminals from returning to the hoosegow, and defunded the cops, there is just one thing left to do: make the bad guys the good guys.

Michael Brown got shot for attacking a cop, twice, yet Ferguson, Mo., erected a plaque in his honor. Jacob Blake sexually assaulted a woman, resisted arrest, went to his car to get a knife as he was being arrested, got shot seven times, and Kamala Harris (there’s that name again) met Blake and actually told him she was “proud” of him.

New Low                                                                                                                                                             

As if praising a sexual assault suspect isn’t repulsive enough, a CBS affiliate in Champaign, Ill., literally portrayed a cop killer as an angel. WCIA aired a picture of a person I won’t name wearing angel wings, despite having shot two cops and killing one. A nauseating insult to the police officers shot and a kick in the teeth to everyone who wears the badge.

What happens when the media, celebrities and lefty politicians make criminals into heroes? You get more young people wanting to be “heroes’ and fewer young people wanting to be cops. Instead of playing “cops and robbers” kids will play “racists and heroes.” Keep it up and Democrat cities won’t have to disband police departments because there wont be any to disband. That’s when anarchy sets in, but we all know that’s the leftists’ goal in the first place.