To Beat Back Woke Progressivism, Congressional Republicans Must Hang Tough 

Sarah Silbiger/Pool via AP

Congressional Democrats know that they could well be governing on borrowed time in terms of their congressional majority, and boy are they acting accordingly. 

Well aware that the last two presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, lost a combined 100 seats in the House of Representatives and with those losses their respective parties’ majorities in the first midterms following their own elections, it is not lost on them that the trend is likely to continue under Biden and the slim majority held by the House Democrats is likely to be no more after 2022. 

They also know that if they lose one seat in the Senate, which is looking more and more like a real possibility, they get to kiss their current technical majority there goodbye as well. Regardless of which one, it is a virtual lock that Democrats lose at least one chamber of Congress, which would render the radical progressive agenda done. At least for now. So progressives are now using any and every means necessary to use their slim current majorities to ram through as much as they can, while they can. 

Take reconciliation, for example. Reconciliation is a procedure set up by the Budget Act back in 1980 as a way to enact legislation to deal with spending, the debt limit, and taxes. The original goal was to reconcile the spending of Congress with budget targets. That, regrettably, has been tossed aside by both parties, but as I write, congressional Democrats are abusing reconciliation to ram through historically bad legislation that could send our nation spiraling quickly into bankruptcy. The New York Times reported on April 28, 2021, that the Biden administration’s spending plans, which likely will all end up in reconciliation, will add up to $6 trillion in new spending. 

Progressives also used reconciliation to ram through the so-called “American Rescue Plan”—which cost taxpayers $1.9 trillion and included a raised level of unemployment benefits—that is clearly only helping to keep unemployment numbers high. The next plan was Biden’s “American Jobs Plan,” which comes in at $2.3 trillion and is loaded up with elements of the wackadoo Green New Deal. Another fun one that is still being put together is Biden’s $1.8 trillion “American Families Plan” that provides “free” child care, universal preschool, “free” community college and forces taxpayers to actually foot the bill for things like family and medical leave. When you look at the totality of the new $6 trillion in spending, you can see that the progressive wing of the Woke Democratic Party is loading up this legislation with lefty priorities.

Where is this money coming from? Oh, wait…it doesn’t exist. How this can be totally lost on woke congressional Democrat dogs and the militant left-wing tails that currently and aggressively wag them is unfathomable to me. 

Coming up as early as this week, they plan to use the technical majority they have in the Senate to make a hard run at banks and financial institutions. At the behest of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), they have their sights set on wiping out a Trump administration rule that provided more certainty and clarity to the regulatory structure as it applies to specific financial instruments—namely short-term, small-dollar loans. Progressives love to talk about taxing the rich and love to use the power of government to harass private enterprise. It is quite ironic, by the way, that Sen. Brown, who has pretty much dedicated his political career to attacking banks, is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, which oversees them. But nothing is shocking in our brave new moment, is it? 

The plan is to vote on something called a Resolution of Disapproval that is just another tool by which the technical majority can bully the minority. Republicans must stick together on this one and deny progressives the opportunity to limit choice for struggling consumers and to take a free shot at the freedom of Americans to have access to financial instruments when they are in dire need, as so many are now more than ever. While the coronavirus pandemic has and continues to cause incredible economic pain and uncertainty throughout the nation, it would be horrid for elitist congressional liberals to get away with essentially hammering rural, struggling “flyover country” families who rely on these instruments to get quick cash in a pinch.

Rumor has it that not all Senate Republicans are completely on board in opposition to the frantic progressive “do it while we own it” agenda that we are currently witnessing, the highlights of which I’ve just chronicled. At the end of the day, I hope this turns out not to be the case. Now more than ever, with a renewed majority in both Houses within reach, the conference must hang tough to save America from a woke Democratic Party that is entirely out of touch and out of control.