Roger Stone Is Not the Root of All Evil. Sorry.

Roger Stone Is Not the Root of All Evil. Sorry.
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“Looks like your buddy’s up to something again,” said an old MSM reporter friend of mine the other day over coffee.

“Huh? Who are you talking about?” I replied, only half-listening because I have no attention span whatsoever, even when in the company of trusted friends. Also, I have the kind of friends who are always “up to something,” so the comment was kind of wide.

“Stone,” he said, ominously, almost in a whisper. They do that when invoking the name of my friend and sometimes partner in…well. Let’s not use that word. Sensitive subject. Partner in chicanery. How’s that?

People are always talking to me about Roger Stone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m OK with it because he is a friend and I can actually assuage them (sometimes) of their assumptions that he is some sort of mighty and omnipotent force for evil in the world. He is nothing of the sort. He’ll probably be mad at me for telling you that, but it’s fact. Pussycat, as I was once called by Hillary Clinton’s press secretary (check my last name. Philippe is a clever one). Roger is generally a pussycat.

He’s just a dude. Doing his thing. A colorful one, to be sure, but he has to my knowledge never done anything wrong and never even cashed in Washington-style on his substantial and storied connections. This, I respect, because it is a particularly rare trait around here. He’s a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and friend who is messing with you. And he loves it. As do you.

The Podesta stuff? He was talking smack, duh. Assange? I don’t believe he ever met him nor spoke with him. Roger was guilty of tradecraft. (If throwing false flags is a criminal offense, I’ll definitely be seeing you in hell, with Roger and most of my friends in tow). The Department of Justice, however, tried to lock him away for what would have been a life sentence thanks to COVID. They were so butthurt that they couldn’t get a Russiagate scalp they chose to try to make a point via Roger. Plain and simple. And when it didn’t work, the pot just got hotter.

Capitol Police Witnesses Struggle to Explain How Rioters Breached the Capitol on January 6

I wrote a letter to Judge Amy Berman Jackson for Stone’s sentencing hearing. Here’s the final line, which I stand by: “I would respectfully ask that this information—and that Roger Stone has used his power for good much, much more often than people know– be taken it into consideration as you contemplate a sentence for my friend.” 

Of course, it is well known that Roger was rightfully granted a presidential pardon. Yet, pardon be damned, it seems the DOJ and their enablers at the New York Times aren’t done with him. They are trying to pin the vicious siege on the U.S. Capitol building on him. But there is a problem. He was in Washington on January 6, holed up at the Willard, but he was neither at the rally nor at the Capitol. He was doing other things. I communicated with him that day. About actual business.

But The Times, bless ’em, has dedicated an entire team to sleuth out where Stone was and what he was doing that day and all they have managed to turn up were some selfies that some flag-caped protesters on their way to The Mall took with him upon spotting him outside the hotel. This happens, by the way, when you are Roger Stone. Airports, hotels, streets…everyone wants a selfie. And he obliges. Because he’s a rock star. Do you think he has any idea, like most high-profile people, who he is posing with? Here’s your easy answer: none.

Enough from me. Below is an excerpt of what Roger wrote yesterday about the ongoing media + DOJ jihad for Gateway Pundit:

No honest investigation will produce any credible evidence to the contrary.  Claims that my ‘ties” to the crimes of January 6 must be investigated come on the heels of a shoddy and baseless series of stories by NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Seattle Times, the scum at Salon, and others using the sleazy technique of ‘guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the riot at the Capitol January 6th despite any evidence whatsoever to back this claim.

He continues:

Furious that the false narrative they concocted about me in the Mueller witch hunt was ultimately exposed and that the concealed bias of the Jury Forewoman was revealed, essentially leading to my pardon, these same media jackals now seek once again to push baseless allegations to facilitate a prosecution despite an absence of any real evidence or proof of any crime…

Why did I wake up at 5 a.m. and write about Roger? I’m kind of asking myself that as I type. But seriously, there is a reason. And it is a worthy and infuriating one. Roger Stone did nothing wrong. Not with Russians, not with Podesta, not with Assange, and most certainly not in terms of the attack on our Capitol. 

Sorry, DOJ. Sorry, NYT. Your continued disgusting obsession with ruining an entirely innocent man has once again made fools of you. And that sound you hear? That’s us. Laughing. Those fingers? Our middles.

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Christian Josi is the Founder and Managing Director of C. JOSI & COMPANY, a communications and public affairs resource consultancy. 

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