School Disciplines Teens for 'White Power' Rant; Swastika Graffiti Also Pops Up After Election Day

A Pennsylvania high school said it has disciplined three students for a video showing the teens carrying a Trump sign through the school halls and calling “white power.”

The incident comes as sites in upstate New York and South Philadelphia reported swastika graffiti appearing after Election Day.

The video was shot Wednesday at the York County School of Technology in York, Pa., according to the York Daily Record.

Following the video, students and parents alleged “students of color being spat on, racial slurs and a gun threat” in discussion on the school’s Facebook page. The school temporarily shut down its Facebook and additional police officers were dispatched to the campus today.

Parents received a call from school administrators saying that “all reported incidents are being taken seriously and investigated.”

“This morning the administrative team visited each first period class to address concerns, share expectations and to reassure students that student safety is priority one at our school,” the statement said. “We want to assure you that the classes are operating today without any concerns.”

The paper also spoke with several parents who pulled their kids out of school after students called home to say they were hearing threats.

Coinciding with the 78th anniversary of the Kristallnacht — the Night of Broken Glass, a vicious wave of anti-Jewish violence perpetrated by Nazis across Germany — an abandoned storefront at Broad and Wharton Streets in Philadelphia was spray-painted with a swastika, “Seig Heil 2016,” and the word “Trump” with a swastika in place of the T.

The graffiti was reported to police by a passerby at 10:39 a.m. on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“Swastikas and the Nazi salute send a message of intolerance and hate to the entire community. The fact that today is the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht adds another layer to this already sickening act,” said Nancy K. Baron-Baer, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement. “While we view this as an isolated incident, we cannot allow this behavior to become routine. Everyone has a role to play in combating bigotry – we must advocate, educate and investigate until hate is no longer welcome in our society.”

The Philly Inquirer reported other incidents, including “multiples autos and houses” on the 900 block of South 6th Street vandalized at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

In Wellsville, N.Y., a man walking his dog spotted and reported a local baseball field dugout vandalized with the words “Make America White Again” and a swastika, said the Wellsville Daily Reporter.

In Massachusetts, graffiti including “gas the Jews,” “Kill all n******,”Trump 2016” and a swastika were sprayed-painted on a Mount Tom rock face. People who had cleaned up previous graffiti at the site estimated the tagging was left between Nov. 1 and Nov. 6.

“This incident at Mt. Tom contradicts the values upon which America was founded and warrants condemnation from everyone,” ADL New England director Robert Trestan said, adding that “the country is experiencing a post-election uptick of hate incidents and ADL is closely monitoring and responding to these reports.”