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UN Recruits George Soros to Help With Climate Financing

For all you folks out there who take an interest in the doings of George Soros, here’s one I missed a few weeks ago — but just came across while catching up on some UN press releases. On March 4, the UN announced that Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon had picked a panel of “high-level experts” to form a UN “Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing.” Their assignment is to help “mobilize” the funding promised at the Copenhagen Climate Carnival this past December.

Here’s the list. It includes an interesting mix of public and private officials, ranging from the prime minister of Ethiopia, the president of Guyana, and Larry Summers of the Obama administration; to a vice-chairman of Deutsche Bank and financier George Soros.

According to the UN press release, this group will hold its first meeting this Monday, March 29, in London. One might hope that their discussion would take into account the cratering of any scientific “consensus” on the UN’s sweeping pronouncements about climate change. But since this movement is ever more clearly about money, not science, my bet is that this will amount to yet another bid to scavenge yet more money out of your low-level pocket — and funnel it to wherever these “high-level” folks think it should go. Just one more sign of the times.