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OK, Mahmoud -- But Does That Mean You, Too, Are an American Plot?

From Tehran we now have Mahmoud “U-235” Ahmadinejad, suggesting — again — that the Sept. 11 attacks were really some sort of “suspicious” American plot, cooked up and used by the U.S. as a pretext to attack the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq.

By Mahmoud’s logic, his audience ought to be wondering if he himself might just be another of these omnipotent American plots. Talk about “suspicious.” With the Taliban toppled, and Saddam dead, dead, dead … what could America be plotting now? Why, there he is, Mr. “Death to America! Death to Israel!,” perched atop the whirling centrifuges of Iran’s nuclear program, personification of the terrorist-loving Iranian regime that has been behind the murder of hundreds of Americans, from Beirut to Baghdad.

What a pretext!!!

In which case, one can only hope that, a la Taliban and Saddam, Iran’s mullocracy will be the next target of those conspiracy-crazy Americans. You know, there just might be a future in all that plotting…