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The UN Staff Union Fights Back

With a resolution supporting what Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the rogue UN Development Program won’t — see posts below on UN management ethics ( or lack of). In the corruption so far cleaned up, or at least investigated at the scandal-rich UN, the courage of staff members willing to blow the whistle, at risk of their jobs, has repeatedly played a vital part. If the UN and UNDP in broad daylight, and despite protests from the US Mission and some of the better informed members of Congress, now get away with firing this UNDP whistleblower, we will all pay for it. Who on the UN staff will then dare come forward to report misconduct?

Excerpt from the full resolution: “Aware that a staff member of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) who had the courage to report a significant case of misconduct and was declared a whistleblower by the Ethics Office suffered retaliation and is no longer employed by the United Nations“….