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Who Really Killed Icky Mouse?

You’ve been reading about Farfur, the Hamas knock-off of Mickey Mouse, who was just martyred at the hands of Israelis on the Palestinian Authority’s Al Aqsa TV — with a kiddie-terrorist postscript to hammer home the message to even the most obtuse among a new generation of suicide bombers. We all know that the U.S. State Department won’t do anything about this, and Europe is probably paying for it. But, after a friend raised the issue, I keep wondering why Disney hasn’t at least sued over the infringement of copyright.

Well, until some higher power intervenes, Barry Rubin, director of the Israel-based Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, is doing what he can to take the Mickey out of the Hamas mouse. Here he sends Sami Spade, private detective, on a job to find out what really happened on that hot night in Gaza…