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Can the UN's Shredders Handle 12 Million Pages of Documents?

Quite possibly. Although, since we’re talking here about the huge and expensively assembled archive of Paul Volcker’s inquiry into Oil-for-Food, which Volcker appears poised to hand over to the UN Secretariat at the end of December, it’s more likely the UN will decide to store the documents (and any CDs derived therefrom) — by encasing them in concrete and dropping them into the Laurentian Abyss.

That’s just one of many reasons why the archives of Volcker’s Oil-for-Food investigation should not be given to the UN, but released to the public, or at the very least entrusted to authorities more interested in promoting justice than papering over the institution that brought us the biggest scam in the history of relief. More on this, pegged to the release of Australia’s new Oil-for-Food report, in my NRO column, “Plunder Down Under.”