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The United Nations is, as Ambassador John Bolton has said, “a target-rich environment,” and keeping up with the Kofi-isms alone can become a full-time job. I’ll try to stick to the top hits, so there is time on this blog for other matters. But from Tehran, where UN diplomacy has now brought us the Kofi-Ahmadinejad handshake (here’s a story with the almost-certainly-undoctored Reuters photo), the Secretary-General is now announcing that:

Iran’s president “reaffirmed his country’s support for the implementation of Resolution 1701 and agrees with me that we should do everything to strengthen the territorial integrity of Lebanon.”

Reaffirmed? Iran’s support? For the territorial integrity of Lebanon??? There are only two basic reasons that UN Resolution 1701 was wanted in the first place, and those two reasons are Syria and Iran– whose secret police and terrorist client-group Hezbollah have been doing everything in their power to subvert the sovereignty of Lebanon.

Annan went on to say that “on the nuclear issue,” Iran’s president also “reaffirmed to me Iran’s preparedness and determination to negotiate and find a solution to the crisis.”

Back in the Vietnam days, this tactic was known as “talk-talk, fight-fight.” These days, as Iran enriches uranium while Annan translates that activity into UN-speak, I guess we’re looking at “reaffirm-reaffirm, enrich-enrich.”