Guess Who Loves the Security at the RNC?

Why China, of course. China’s Xinhua state news agency can’t get enough of it. They’ve got a photo spread of the preparations for the convention; never mind the people, the politics, or even the stormy skies. Five out of the seven photos are all about security:  the police, on horse and on foot; the National Guard; a fetching cameo of road barriers and squad cars… Looks almost like home.


I wouldn’t take this as a reflection on the Republicans. Like Roger Kimball, who has filed from the scene on “Perimeter Access,” I don’t know who gave the immediate orders for this setup. But I think this kind of thing starts to feel ever more familiar not just to China’s state news agency, but to Americans who have been living for years now with everything from airport security checks to the threat of lightbulb police. I’d take it as another sign of upside down times, in which our leaders defer to Russia, kow-tow to China, embrace the Muslim Brotherhood and bear witness to Iran’s terrorist-spawning regime pursuing nuclear weapons — and then propose to achieve security by patrolling every inch of American life.

(Thumbnail on Tatler homepage assembled from multiple images.)



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