Greens Occupy Wall Street, Indeed

So the trumpeted migration by green groups to join in solidarity with the anti-capitalist protests — which I’ve already noted was no such thing, given that the Greens and Wall Street agreed to occupy each other years ago in a Baptists-and-Bootleggers alliance promoting the global warming agenda — is even less an event than I supposed.


It seems that the suffering landlord helplessly aggrieved by this mess is actually part of the larger Obama-statist wealth-transferring complex just been handed a big old bag of taxpayer money for a windmill boondoggle — another of the Solyndra-style projects in that they do not exist for reasons of their economics or performance, that is, without political intervention.

As the clock expired on the loan guarantee program made famous by Solyndra, the Obama administration approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project. Its owner, Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), owns Brookfield Renewable Power, as well as Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include…wait for it … Zuccotti Park, where the “Occupy Wall Street” protests are centered.

My what a small, cozy and I might add expensive little world this is becoming. But to show you that these folks understand the concept of ROI, BAM spent over $300,000 lobbying in 2010, mostly for green energy stuff, through some lobbyist named Podesta.

These protesters are largely anti-capitalist, I’ll give them that. Crony Socialism is where it’s at.



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