Late-Night Comics Shred Kanye West for Pro-Trump Tweets

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Kanye West is no one’s idea of a rock-ribbed conservative.

In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint what ideology the rap maestro is at any given moment. He famously said President George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people post-Katrina, a rant that aged badly given the former president’s sizable history of steering aid to Africa.


Still, he wasn’t among the celebrity minions throwing their support around failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

The musician’s one throughline? It’s all about Kanye. Can anyone forget him jumping on stage as Taylor Swift attempted to pick up her VMA awards way back in 2009? His ego could apply for statehood.

So when West came out with a series of tweets supporting both rising conservative star Candace Owens and President Donald Trump, the reaction from the Left was instant.

Furious hardly describes it. Celebrities “un-followed” West. Fellow stars, like John Legend, gasped at his friend’s actions. So how would Team Late Night react?

Call it another dog bites man angle.

Let’s start with Stephen Colbert. The “Late Show” host despises all things Trump, so naturally, the comic couldn’t wait to pounce on West for siding with the president in any fashion. Even West’s support for “independent thought” caught in Colbert’s throat.

“Yes, we have the right to independent thought. And I independently think that Kanye has lost his mind,” Colbert cracked.

Not to be outdone, Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah piled on, too. The “Daily Show” comic played the Wealth Card against West in his attempt to “correct” the musician’s position.


I think Kanye West just realized he’s too rich to not be Republican. I don’t even know what it is. And you know this is going to confuse people on Fox News. They’re going to be like why don’t these rap thugs stay out of politics— sorry, this guy understands the American people. He understands all of them. You know what’s crazy? Kanye is the same guy who said George Bush hates black people. He said George Bush doesn’t care about black people. But he’s the same guy who loves Trump? When George Bush sees this on Twitter, he’s going to be like, “what the (bleep)?’I know I was a bad president, but this guy’s friends with Nazis.”

Let’s give Noah some credit. He didn’t call the president a Nazi. He just said some Nazis are in his friend circle.

For a modern late-night host that’s progress.


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