5 Stunning Revelations from That New Johnny Depp Expose at THR

Johnny Depp’s career keeps falling, and that was before a stunning piece of reportage hit from The Hollywood Reporter.

The article in question examines Depp’s legal fight with his management team. It’s a not-so-surprising battle, the kind that too often plays out in the public arena. Star makes millions. Management team’s handling of said millions is called into question. Summon the lawyers.


Just ask Billy Joel about it.

And the bad news comes on the heels of recent flops like “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” “Mortdecai” and “Transcendence.”

This legal battle is different, though. For Depp’s net worth is more than most people can imagine. And, to quote Han Solo in “Star Wars” … “I can imagine quite a bit.” Depp appears to be in genuine fiscal trouble despite having made at least $650 million over a 13-year period. That’s not a typo or misprint according to THR.

Here are five stunning revelations from the article about one of Hollywood’s most talented, and mercurial, stars.

1. Drink Up!


Depp apparently likes wine. How much? He has a $30,000 a month wine budget. That’ll buy you plenty of three-buck Chuck, but here’s guessing he prefers a more exotic line of wine.

2. It’s Hard to Find Help These Days


Depp isn’t the only superstar to employ staffers. Most celebrities have publicists, managers, and other experts to help shape their career. The actor doesn’t stop there. He apparently has a staff of 40, which sets him back $3.6 million per year, according to the article.

3. “The Eagle Has Landed”


Depp proved difficult on the set of his latest “Pirates” movie, “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” So the crew had someone watching his rental home to see when the star woke in the morning (or afternoon) and switched on a house light.


Once Depp awoke, the set worker relayed the information to the production team so they knew Depp might be on his way at some point.

4. A Piece of the Action


Depp’s salary figures are astronomical, often in the $20 million range. Yet it’s his back-end deals that can make him the most coin. Take the 2010 smash “Alice in Wonderland.” The actor netted $20 million to play the Mad Hatter … and another $55 million when the film hit it huge at the box office.

5. Home(s) Sweet Home


The Oscar-nominated actor and musician appears to collect houses along with guitars and empty wine bottles. He owns five homes in the Hollywood Hills alone on top of other extravagant pads across the globe.


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