Top 5 Unhinged Celebrity Hits on Trump Post Election

Celebrities are having a hard time realizing the part they played in the election of Donald Trump.

No, most Hollywood denizens didn’t pull the lever for the reality show star. Many actively worked against his Oval Office aspirations. You remember the smug interviews, the Hillary Clinton campaign appearances, and the testimonials about Clinton’s stellar record of achievements.


Giggle. Snort.

Yet their shrieking attacks on Trump, combined with those PSAs imploring reg’lar Americans to vote, didn’t have the intended impact.

They’re still at it, though, trashing Trump at every opportunity even though he’s weeks away from assuming his new gig.

Let’s look at five stars who have gone out of their way to trash Trump in our post-election haze.

5. David Crosby

The veteran crooner all but melted down while talking to the Tampa Bay Times about Trump’s win.

I feel very badly for our country. I feel very badly for the women in our country, who just got kicked in the gut, or some other part of the anatomy. I feel really badly for, let’s see, just about everybody but fat, white males.

Crosby was just warming up.

Now, okay, it isn’t Pearl Harbor. It’s about as bad as 9/11, or maybe worse, because the consequences are much longer-reaching. So it’s really devastatingly bad.

4. Robert De Niro

The Hollywood legend played the 9/11 card prior to Crosby, so De Niro deserves some dubious credit here.

“I feel like I did after 9/11,” he told Awards Chatter, The Hollywood Reporter’s awards podcast. Previously, De Niro said he wanted to punch the GOP candidate in the face. Now that Trump is the country’s next President, De Niro admitted he no longer can entertain such a fantasy.


3. Lena Dunham

The star of HBO’s perennially low-rated “Girls” did what she always does — overshared via her Lenny Letter forum.

It is painful on a cellular level knowing those men got what they wanted, just as it’s painful to know you are hated for daring to ask for what is yours … It’s painful to know that white women, so unable to see the unity of female identity, so unable to look past their violent privilege, and so inoculated with hate for themselves, showed up to the polls for him, too.

2. Amy Schumer

The “Trainwreck” star lashed out at TrumpNation following the election. Suffice to say her comments reflected poorly on the man himself.

People who voted for him you are weak. You are not just misinformed. You didn’t even attempt information. You say lock her up and you know something about the word email but what was in the emails? You have no clue. Well I’ll tell you if you’re able to read this far through the holes in your sheets. They said nothing incriminating.

Yes, she just said Trump supporters wear sheets … like the KKK.


1. Joss Whedon

The “Avengers” director personally helped create those sanctimonious “Save the Day” PSAs imploring us to vote for Clinton. That failed.

Now, Whedon regularly Tweets melodramatic marching orders to his fans. Like “Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office” and “WE HAD THE TIME MACHINE AND STILL DIDN’T STOP HITLER.”

Yes, he wrote in ALL CAPS.


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