The One Sketch 'SNL' Must Air This Weekend

Those Not Ready for Prime Time Players probably don’t recognize today’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The NBC sketch show’s original crew, many of whom are still alive, cut their teeth on genuinely edgy fare. They delivered counter-culture material, and audiences gobbled it up.


Not every sketch killed. Many were just plain awful. Some were funny but aged badly.

“CheeseburgerCheeseburgerCheeseburger” anyone?

Still, the program had the whiff of danger, the sense that you didn’t know what to expect from week to week. Can anyone say that about 2016’s “Saturday Night Live”? Is calling Trump voters racist really outrageous, or simply hopelessly mean-spirited?

To the show’s credit, Alec Baldwin’s recent Donald Trump imitation has been outstanding. Still, Trump jokes are as easy as Bill Clinton chasing skirts.

He’s orange. He interrupts people all the time.

Trump brings much of this on himself. It doesn’t make it any less stale.

Wanna get really edgy? How about mocking the precious snowflakes protesting a fair election — the ones we’re seeing right now. That would ruffle feathers. It might even upset some of the show’s own cast and crew.


It should be done. Heck, if the show wants to reclaim its mantle it has to be done. Someone besides “South Park” should speak truth to this absurd power.

“SNL” hasn’t done much at all against our PC age. How many skits have mocked college safe zones? Pronoun-a-palooza? Our PC culture in general?


Then, it’s high time the for the show to get busy. This is a real issue facing the country with real consequences. It’s not just comedians finding out the wrong joke can kill their career — which is crazy enough. It’s professors losing their jobs for expressing a point of view.

It’s radical Islamic terrorists getting to achieve their murderous goals because the folks who suspected something feared being labeled “racist” for blowing the whistle.

Now, America’s tradition of a peaceful transition of power is in jeopardy thanks to the clowns running amok, destroying property and firing off another hashtag volley. And does anyone think it won’t get worse soon?

Sure, The New York Times might pen a blistering op-ed attacking the show for mocking the protests. Bloggers might rise up in fury.

So what?

That’s counter-culture comedy. It’s what made “Saturday Night Live.” And it’s what can save the show from irrelevance now.


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