'Divergent' Star Shailene Woodley Arrested for Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Veteran actor Martin Sheen is as known for his acting chops as his ability to get arrested during progressive protests.

In 2009, Sheen said he’d been arrested 66 times over the course of his activism. And he’s not done yet, we bet.


Now, Sheen has some much younger company.

Shailene Woodley of “Divergent” fame just got nabbed by the cops for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The news reported the incident this week. She’s a rising star, and celebrity arrests are always good for a click or 20.

Woodley is a millennial, though, so she captured as much as she could of the process for social media.

The charge against her? Trespassing and more.

In a statement Monday night, Woodley’s publicist said the actress and activist had been released from the Morton County Jail. Woodley posted a $500 bond and was charged with criminal trespass and engaging in a riot, according to CNN affiliate KFYR. Her first court date is scheduled for October 24.

What did she have to say about the incident? She left that to her Instagram account:


Oh, that makes sense.

The actress isn’t foolish, though. Her Facebook earned north of 2.7 million views. At this point in her career, she needs all the views she can muster.

Her latest film, “Snowden,” underwhelmed at the box office. More importantly, her signature franchise is in deep trouble. The fourth film in the “Divergent” series will now be shown on TV, not in theaters.


The 24-year-old star didn’t like that a bit, saying she “didn’t sign up to be in a television show.” Ouch. Doesn’t she realize TV is the hot medium these days?

She later softened her stance. Her political activism, though, may just be starting. Woodley is one of the most progressive stars in Hollywood. She doesn’t just Feel the Bern. She makes her own toothpaste, medicine and cheese.

She once told Marie Claire magazine about her struggle with the “materialistic” side of the film industry.

Perhaps we’ll see Woodley and Sheen together on the protest circuit. She’ll teach him about Facebook Live. He’ll tell her about getting the most coverage possible from dinosaur media outlets.

Together, they’ll change the world. Or at least keep social media watchers engaged for the foreseeable future.



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