America's Largest Theater Chain Caves in to Pride Mob Bullying

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AMC Theatres bills itself as “the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and in the world,” and with over 100 years of success under its belt, you might think that the company would have the clout to show any movie it wanted. In a normal, sane world that may be true, but these days, the Rainbow Mafia is in charge, and if a company like AMC runs afoul of the narrative, the mob is there to put it back in its place.


The latest case of the Pride Cult forcing censorship is a documentary called No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care. According to a press release, the film “takes a non-religious, non-political, and non-ideological look on the subject of gender-affirmative medical practices, the risks and side effects of cross-sex hormones, surgeries, and the long-term health implications of gender medicalization.”

Lest you think that No Way Back is a conservative polemic like What Is a Woman, you might be surprised to discover that the documentary was “produced by lifelong California Democrats and LGBT activists.” The film won awards at 10 film festivals and included accolades from Megyn Kelly.

The same press release points out that AMC Theatres was set to give No Way Back a world premiere on June 21 at theaters across the country ahead of its DVD and streaming release next month — but not so fast. The Rainbow Mafia strikes again, this time in the form of a group called the Queer Trans Project, which took to Instagram to protest against the movie. The pressure worked, and AMC caved.

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“We did it! Our community’s swift action is a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of raising our voices against harmful content,” the Queer Trans Project crowed on Instagram. “Your collective efforts have made a significant impact, and the decision to pull No Way Back from AMC theaters is a step towards fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to creating positive change.”


But the producers are hitting back. The website for the movie has a message at the top of the home page: “We’ve been canceled! Intolerant, illiberal, histrionic IGNORANT loudmouths who have not even seen the film have pressured AMC theaters to make the hard decision to cancel our dates!  DO NOT LET THEM WIN!”

The film’s production company, Deplorable Films, has a more extensive statement on its website, which reads in part:

In response to recent histrionic and intolerant calls for screenings of this important film to be canceled, we will simply respond to the careless assertions made by those behind it.

They call the film ‘right-wing’; this is absurd to the point of being libelous. The filmmakers (some of whom are gay and/or have gay children) are dedicated, life-long, Liberal Democrats. We request any of the detractors to offer actual evidence of them –or this film—being ‘right wing’.

The film is not anti-trans people, nor is it even anti sex change surgery; there are trans people in the film speaking against the sudden rush to powerful drugs and major surgeries that are have increased exponentially in the past decade, and which have statistically caused far more pain and suffering than they’ve prevented.


Deplorable Films compares the Queer Trans Project to a “theocracy” and concludes the statement with, “We stand by our filmmakers.” Good for this production house for not backing down.

This is bullying, plain and simple, especially from a sector of the culture that loves to cry about “book banning” when people don’t think kids should be subjected to LGBTQUGH propaganda. Deplorable Films is setting a good example and not backing down. No Way Back will be available for streaming and on DVD in July, and then people will get to see this important message.

Watch the trailer for No Way Back here:

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