Democrats Had Better Be Careful What They Wish for After the Latest Trump Indictment

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Regardless of what you think about the Trump indictment, it’s hard not to believe that it smacks of the Democrats’ endless attempts to nail Donald Trump for — something. We’ve gotten used to it over the past few years, and these legal maneuvers always seem to play out the same way.


“We’re all familiar with the ‘Trump facing…’ news loop by now,” writes Freddy Gray at The Spectator. “America is stuck in Trump legal groundhog day — he’s remorselessly prosecuted, over and over, on so many fronts. He always responds the same way, protesting his INNOCENCE in capital letters on Truth Social, saying he can’t believe this is happening in America. Then his team fires out fundraising emails.”

Maybe they have him this time, but maybe not. After all, we’ve heard the rhetoric about the “walls closing in” on Trump for a long time now.

What seems to be missing from the Democrats’ calculus in indicting Trump again (with potentially more indictments to follow) is that the whole scheme could backfire on them tremendously. They don’t seem to be aware of the precedent they’re setting with these indictments.

The Democrats are clearly counting on being able to knock Trump out of the 2024 election cycle, but they apparently haven’t given much thought to the idea that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Revenge against the Democrats is always on the table, and it could come in the form of a second Trump term or another Republican president who is happy to give the Biden crime family the same treatment.


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Hell hath no fury like Donald Trump scorned, and don’t we all know that Trump 2.0 would become a four-year revenge tour? The Oval Office would become the world headquarters of vengeance.

“Should Trump return to office, expect him to embark on a four-year race for vengeance in hunting down his enemies,” Ben Domenech points out at Spectator World. “And given that he won’t be able to run for re-election, there will be no brakes.”

PJ Media’s own Robert Spencer wrote earlier this week about former FBI director James Comey suggesting that Democrats “think about what four years of a retribution presidency might look like. He could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies — I’m sure I’m on the enemies list — because the president constitutionally does oversee the Executive Branch entirely, which includes the Department of Justice, prosecutors, and investigators. And so he could commission, direct, that individuals be pursued.”

The possibilities certainly are endless, but it doesn’t have to be Trump enacting the revenge. It’s not hard to imagine another Republican president turning the tables on the Democrats, not necessarily to avenge Trump but to make the Democrats pay for weaponizing the federal government. It would serve the Democrats right, even if it’s a bad precedent to set.


“We do not want to become the kind of nation where part of the job of being commander-in-chief is understanding that at the end of your time in office, you will be sued to the nth degree at every opportunity by your political enemies in any jurisdiction,” Domenech writes. “That invites ruthless people willing to bear such attacks in pursuit of raw power, the same people likely to deploy them against others.”

He’s not wrong. Politics is ugly enough as it is, and to bring the constant p***ing contest of one-upmanship and revenge for the last administration into the mix would be even more unbearable. Still, the Democrats have it coming for their ruthless and relentless pursuit of trying to nail Donald Trump for some crime.



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