'Radical Gender Theory' Is the Perfect Catch-All Term for Our Current Gender Madness

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Over the last few years, the left has become increasingly obsessed with gender. No matter where we go, we can’t escape the left’s gender-mania.

But there are so many facets to the gender debate. There’s the debate over gender indoctrination in our schools, the prevalence of pronouns, the fight over men competing as women in college athletics, and so much more.


It’s too bad we don’t have a single term to describe all these things that are happening with our current gender madness. Or do we?

Activist and writer Christopher Rufo, who has done yeoman’s work in exposing and documenting the invasion of wokeness into our society, has suggested the perfect catch-all term for the gender insanity: “radical gender theory.”

Rufo suggested the term in a tweet thread on Tuesday:

In a thread, he continued by explaining why “radical gender theory” is a better term than some other parlance.

“‘Gender ideology’ is good, but works better in European and Latin American contexts,” Rufo pointed out. “‘Queer Theory’ is the academic term, but normie parents will be hesitant to use the word. ‘Radical gender theory’ is accurate, flexible, and builds on the connotation of ‘critical race theory.'”

“The Left’s linguistic defense on CRT was to say ‘CRT is only in law schools’ and ‘that’s not explicitly labeled CRT,'” he continued. “‘Radical gender theory’ will neutralize both those defenses: we’re imposing the label on a set of concepts and ideologies; debating the specifics is a win for us. 


Others agreed with Rufo, including Peter Boghossian, who said that the terminology works not just for conservatives but also for our fellow travelers on the left who are fighting against wokeness.

And of course, plenty of leftists and wokes condemned or made fun of Rufo’s idea.

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When someone replied that the phrase “queer theory” would work better, Rufo reiterated that most everyday people aren’t comfortable letting the word “queer” drip from their lips.

Rufo also pointed out that other terminology and discussion points will work well in more academic settings, but “radical gender theory” is a term that works in other settings.

“We can elaborate on Michel Foucault, Gayle Rubin, and Judith Butler for technical and academic audiences,” he noted in the last tweet of the thread. “But for communicating with the average mom who’s seeing this ideology spreading in her local school district, ‘radical gender theory’ hits all the right buttons.”


But could the term catch on? From the start, it looked like others were beginning to use it.

Not only were many of Rufo’s Twitter followers ready to jump on the bandwagon, but one of our writers here at PJ Media has been using variations on that phrase already.

The fight against gender madness is one that we don’t need to give up on. And since there’s so much to talk about, having a single term that encapsulates all of it can only help us. I’m hoping I can try to remember to use this phrase anytime I write about radical gender theory and its adherents.


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