Rage Against the Machine Has Become the Machine

Jeff Chiu

Confession: I’ve always hated the band Rage Against the Machine. Musically, I’ve never cared for any of that rap-rock stuff, but their politics was what really bothered me. While many of my peers either ignored the clear Marxist messages of Rage’s music or missed it altogether, I saw right through it.


MTV featured glowing profiles of band members, especially founding guitarist Tom Morello, for their radical activism, which was often literally communistic, and their videos made no attempt to hide what their lyrics were expressing.

Rage has always cultivated an anti-authoritarian ethos. Witness the poetry that is one of their most famous songs, “Killing in the Name,” a song whose outro consists of the line, “F*** you, I won’t do what you told me” a whopping 16 times.

These days, their rhetoric more closely resembles this meme I saw on Twitter:

Meme from Twitter

Former UFC and MMA fighter Jake Shield tweeted a photo from one of the band’s shows on Monday:

Of course, the trans propaganda is par for the course for the far-left band, but between that posturing and the band’s stance on COVID-19 vaccines, it’s become clear that they’re no longer raging against the machine. They’ve become the machine itself, and Shields’ tweet makes a good point.

Reportedly, the band urged fans to get the jabs in order to not be “grandma killers.” The band also sent out a newsletter earlier in the year heavily promoting lockdowns.


Shields later replied to himself, “You either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” along with the uncensored version of the meme above, while some of the other replies are priceless.

One user posed the question (and answer), “Were they ever really against the machine? I doubt it.”

Another user had an impressive revelation: “It’s really daunting to realize that this group that I thought was edgy anti establishment when I was a kid is basically a commie jam band.” BINGO!

I especially laughed along with this user’s comment: “Whole thread of people finding out that RATM is a left-wing band and always has been. Just f***ing mind-boggling.”

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Rage Against the Machine requires concertgoers to have the COVID vaccine before attending a show, which is just the type of authoritarian move that the band claims to fight against. Filmmaker Errol Webber noticed that fact last year.

So did John Cooper, frontman for the Christian rock band Skillet. In December, he spoke on the YouTube channel Apologia Radio about the lack of freedom of opinion regarding the vaccine in the entertainment industry and specifically brought up those revolutionaries of Rage Against the Machine.


“What’s really weird to me is that I’ve been speaking out about my faith in Christ for a long, long time in the mainstream world,” Cooper said. “Now, let’s be honest – not everybody in the mainstream world is nuts about that. They don’t necessarily love hearing about Jesus, but they have always put up with me – some have supported me even. But I’ll tell you what: the most kickback I have ever received – ever – for my faith has been on my stance on vaccine mandates and mask mandates. It is as if I just – like the unforgivable sin.”

“You’re not allowed to speak anything against…” he continued. “I mean, you’ve got Rage Against The Machine telling people that if they don’t get a vaccine… Rage Against The Machine has become the machine. It’s crazy. I’m, like, wait a minute – I’m the revolutionary here? I’m the revolutionary and Rage Against The Machine is just ‘government rock’ now.”

On top of all of this, the band regurgitated the same old, same old left-wing transgender and race propaganda, albeit with some awkward phrasing about “birth-givers” suffering from “maternal mortality.” Is your head spinning at that too, or is it just me?

And notice how they capitalized “Black,” as so many people just love to do these days, but they left “white” lowercase, potentially offending a sizable portion of their audience.


All of this goes to show that the cranky, middle-aged commies of Rage Against the Machine are little more than garden-variety leftists, spouting the same sad, tired lines that we hear everywhere else from the left. What’s more, they’ve become authoritarians, something that’s not very rock-and-roll at all.


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