Biden Should Nominate Stacey Abrams for SCOTUS — No Wait, Hear Me Out

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Now that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has made it official that he is retiring, the speculation on who will be Biden’s pick to replace Breyer has begun.


All we know is that it will be a black woman. Biden has promised us that for some reason.

Will it be Vice President Cackin’ Kamala Harris? Nah. Will it be a trans-black woman? Doubtful.

But I know the perfect choice for the president’s nominee. Stacey Abrams!

My PJ Media colleague Gwendolyn Sims mused whether Abrams would be in the running, and it gave me the idea that she’s perfect for the job.

After all, she’s black. Check. She’s a woman. Check. She meets all the criteria that Joe Biden needs.

Biden’s replacing leftist Breyer with another leftist, so no harm done to the balance of the court.

And — even though I loathe 99% of what Abrams believes — she’s an intelligent woman, way wiser than the self-professed “wise Latina” Sonia Sotomayor.

Abrams could replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the left’s patron saint — the notorious S[whatever Stacey’s middle initial is]A!

Abrams has spent every day of her life since Brian Kemp beat her as governor running around telling people how things should be, so telling everyone what she thinks of Constitutional issues should be no problem for her.


Besides, what better way to assuage the Democrats’ white guilt than to present Stacey Abrams with a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court. Preferably on a silver platter.

I agree with the theory that the reason the left is so desperate to make Stacey Abrams’ success a thing is because everyone in the Democratic party was so fixated on Beto O’Rourke that they didn’t give Abrams the attention they think she needed to get her across the finish line. So why not reward her for the love they didn’t give her four years ago? It solves the white guilt problem with ease.

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But the biggest reason why I think Biden should nominate Abrams is that putting her on the Court would get her out of the state of Georgia.

You may think that’s a selfish reason, but I’m not just thinking of me; I’m thinking of all the fine people of Georgia who would be more than happy to send her to Washington, D.C.

At that point, she’s out of the governor’s race, and Brian Kemp can cruise to the second term that he deserves and that would benefit the state of Georgia tremendously. We’d never have to listen to David Perdue again, either.


We also wouldn’t have to listen to Stacey Abrams as often because most Supreme Court justices don’t insert themselves into the news cycle the way Abrams seems to all the time now.

Nominating Stacey Abrams to the Supreme Court is a win for everybody. Joe Biden checks his boxes. The left gets to atone for their white guilt. Stacey Abrams gets a plum position that will surely pump up her self-esteem. And the people of Georgia won’t have to deal with her ever again.

It’s a perfect plan. So come on, Mr. President. Do it for the people. Pretty please?


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