Jayapal Calls for Biden to Enact Build Back Better by Executive Order

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Politicians on either side of the aisle seem to have embraced executive orders as a way to force pet ideas and projects on the unsuspecting public. Executive orders have been a tactic for years, but they really took off when Barack Obama embraced them as his favored method of governing. Even Saturday Night Live noticed and made fun of it.


Then Donald Trump got in on the action, signing executive orders to undo Obama’s executive orders. In January, Joe Biden did the same, enacting a slew of executive orders to undo Trump’s orders. On and on it will go until the end of time.

Now that Build Back Better has been assigned to the dustbin of history, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), dubbed 2021’s Leftist Loser of the Year by my PJ Media colleague A.J. Kaufman, wants Joe Biden to sign the $1.75 billion boondoggle into law via executive order.

No, seriously.

Jayapal penned an op-ed in the Washington Post urging the president to force Build Back Better on the American people. She begins her piece calling the massive bill a “broad vision” for the American people.

“For most of 2021, Democrats worked to pass legislation that realizes that vision,” she writes. “The president negotiated with Congress, including Sens. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) directly. Sen. Manchin committed to the president — who relayed that commitment to House members — that he would support the legislative framework unveiled on Oct. 28.”

And, in Jayapal’s eyes, there are no take-backs, even if Manchin didn’t believe he could support Build Back Better in good conscience.


“But on Dec. 20, Sen. Manchin went back on his commitment to the president and seemingly killed the bill on national television,” Jayapal continued. “In a town where your word is everything, this was a stunning rebuke of his own party’s president.”

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Because Manchin failed Jayapal and her progressive wing of the Democrats by keeping his word to the people who elected him — how gauche — she now says that the Progressive Caucus is expecting Biden to go nuclear and enact Build Back Better by executive order.

She actually writes that “we are calling on the president to use executive action to immediately improve people’s lives. Taking executive action will also make clear to those who hinder Build Back Better that the White House and Democrats will deliver for Americans.”

Progressive Democrats must be some of the least self-aware people on the planet. Support for Build Back Better isn’t exactly overwhelming among the populace, and Democratic candidates aren’t the darlings of the people these days.

But the 2022 midterm elections look to be a massacre for Democrats, which means they have to do everything they can to shove their big government, socialistic agenda on the country no matter what. Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!


Just before the Virginia gubernatorial election, I wrote that Democrats would overplay their hand if they won. Turns out they lost, and they still want to overplay their hand. Democrats, especially those of the far left, have this delusion that everybody thinks their policies are the best and want as much socialism as the Democrats can deliver. But that’s not the case.

There’s desperation in the air for the left. They know their days of power are numbered, and they want to ram as much of their agenda through as they can on their way out the door. Pramila Jayapal just displayed how desperate they really are.


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