Today's weird e-book pricing

Okay, explain this one:

You’re reading it right:

Kindle Edition $98.61
Hardcover $ 106.83
Paperback $135.00

The Kindle edition is odd enough: I’ve written chapters of Spring books, and have plenty of friends who have written for them, and one little thing that hardly gets mention is that ever since Don Knuth invented TEX, books of this sort are composed and typeset by the authors.  Publishers often provide formats, and have more or less copyediting, but mathematics is no longer what linotypists called “penalty copy.” The authors just turn in camera-ready — which is itself already an obsolete term; there’s not much in the way pf a physical camera involved any longer.  Best as I can guess, the total margin per copy on this must run right around $98.


The hardback costs $8 more, probably what the printing costs, roughtly.  That makes sense.

But then the paperback is $135? I don’t get it.

(And before you even ask, yes, this is what I buy for pleasure reading.)



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