West Coast Messed Coast™: LA Crazies Claim ‘No U-Turn’ Signs Are Anti-LGBTQ

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Your wonderful West Coast, Messed Coast™ correspondent is enjoying a much-earned vacation, so I will be attempting to fill her shoes this week. But even though the writer may have changed, one thing is always the same: woke insanity/inanity. As GK Chesterton long ago observed, “The modern world does not need to be satirized; for it is satirizing itself.”



In the latest example of first-world imaginary problems triggering mentally unstable leftists, I give you: homophobic u-turn signs!

Yes, you read that right. Activists in a Los Angeles neighborhood succeeded in getting the city council to remove “no u-turn” signs by claiming they were intended to be anti-LGBTQ. You see, City Councilperself (or whatever the incorrect terminology is) Hugo Soto-Martinez claims, “‘No U-Turn’ Signs were installed with ‘No Cruising’ signs in Silver Lake in 1997 to target and persecute the LGBTQ+ community.” So apparently homosexuals eagerly questing about neighborhoods for a sex partner to cuddle up with and watch The Acolyte are being prevented by eeevil traffic signs.

Soto-Martinez man-splained, “This type of homophobia persisted in Silver Lake 30 years after the [LGBTQ activist] Black Cat protests, and the physical remnants of that bigotry remained on our streets until yesterday, when we joined @nithyavraman to finally take the signs down!” Oh, the heroism. Thank goodness public servants have such important issues to address in failing LA.

Then again, the California Senate just approved a ban on schools notifying parents if their own children switch to using different pronouns at school. At this point, it seems most California politicians are bent on proving that truth is, indeed, stranger — and creepier — than fiction.


Sign Silliness Spreads

California isn’t the only West Coast state with an idiotic move this week about sodomites and street signs — or, rather, street murals. If you’re a woke leftist activist, you can burn down cities, deface valuable historic statues, and storm Capitol buildings with impunity. But in Washington, three teens who dared to leave scuff marks on a Pride Month crosswalk could be going to jail for several years. Boys and girls, our word of the day is “Orwellian.”

Below is the Washington Times account of this dastardly outrage in Spokane, Washington:

Three teenagers were arrested on June 5 for using their Lime e-scooters to create black scuff marks on the colorful Pride flag crosswalk at Howard Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard. The offense carries a maximum of five years in prison under the state’s newly enhanced felony hate crime law.

Responding to a 911 call, police arrested 19-year-old Ruslan V.V. Turko and two minors whose names were not released. All three were booked on first-degree malicious mischief. Mr. Turko was released on his own recognizance, according to the Spokane Police Department.

Washington Times noted that one teen had cussed at witnesses when confronted about the scooter marks, including shouting, “go to hell.” While this might not be the classiest language, one can understand his frustration given the fact that druggie homeless encampments are allowed to deface public streets around Spokane, while he was arrested for scootering on a crosswalk that is, in fact, meant to be driven over.


It seems arrests for vandalizing LGBTQ “artwork” are becoming a trend on the West Coast, as an Oregon “juvenile” was arrested for vandalizing a window with a Pride flag hanging in it. After the Newberg Public Library window was damaged with what was reportedly a BB gun and the “suspect” arrested, police argued the latter likely acted with “biased intent because a Pride flag was displayed directly behind the vandalized window.”  Remember how, weeks after a transgender radical with a manifesto shot up a Tennessee Christian school, we were told the motive was unclear? Yet when a kid moderately damaged a window with a Pride flag, we’re supposed to be immediately horrified at the hatred he allegedly harbored.

Democrat Delusions

Speaking of places that are being run over, or rather overrun, let’s turn to California’s southern border, which is a hotspot for the Biden/Democrat illegal migration crisis. Gov. Gavin Newsom is under fire for making a dishonest claim about securing California’s border. As usual, reality is awfully inconvenient for Gov. Hair-Do, who likes to make arrogant assertions on social media without the hindrance of pesky facts.

In his Twitter/X video Thursday, Newsom, speaking from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, said, “We have 390 National Guardsmen and women that have been working, particularly as it relates to fentanyl, here in the state of California.” Newsom demanded more resources and asserted “the Republican Party has been consistently standing in the way of providing the resources to support the men and women working hard, not only here at the border, but throughout the state of California and this country, to address the issues related to the border.”


Newsom’s post also commented on his blithering balderdash, “California has doubled our National Guard at the border that are working to stop the flow of fentanyl. While the GOP play games and Mike Johnson searches for his spine -- we’re out here doing the work.” Newsom was immediately called out by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, who posted:

Haven’t seen one - not a single one - of these CA National Guard soldiers in Jacumba where the mass illegal crossings of adult men from around the world are taking place. B[order]P[atrol] there so overwhelmed that the migrants wander aimlessly on highways and call Lyfts for themselves while waiting to be picked up, as San Diego sector now leads the nation in illegal crossings. I sent Gov. Newsom’s below post to a BP agent in Jacumba, who responded by laughing & telling me CA “isn’t doing sh[*]t” to help them with illegal crossings there, and any soldiers that they see there are National Guard from other states working w[ith] DHS under federal Title 10 orders. He said CA soldiers are helping with drug interdiction at ports of entry - not the mass crossing hot spots in Jacumba. If the Governor’s office has any images of CA National Guard helping Border Patrol in Jacumba, I’m happy to update.

The accuracy of Melugin’s assessment can be seen from the lame response Newsom’s office gave to Fox News, “The Governor's words speak for themselves.” In other words, “Of course we lied, you stupid peasants, stop bothering us.” Can’t Newsom even do a campaign propaganda post without getting called out for fibbing?


Newsom’s nonsense reminded me strongly of this meme:



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